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Features of the new iTunes 11 MiniPlayer

As you start playing around with iTunes 11, don't forget that it ships with a completely updated MiniPlayer. Here's a quick guide to this great little tool. Moving to and from the MiniPlayer Look at the top-right corner of your iTunes browsing window. There you'll find the familiar full-scr...

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Change the behavior of the iTunes zoom button in 9

For me, one of the most welcome new features of iTunes 9 was the restoration of sanity to the way that iTunes responded to the zoom button. I had long been irritated by the non-standard behavior iTunes had displayed, brazenly flaunting the accepted practice of how the zoom button worked by toggling ...

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Dear Auntie TUAW: What happened to the mini player in iTunes 9?

Dear Auntie TUAW, With all the shiny goodness of iTunes 9 and a way to finally organise iPhone/iPod Touch apps without getting a friction burn on my thumb, I settled in for some music lovin'. Now I don't know how everyone else in the world likes their iTunes experience, but personally I'm quite fo...

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