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iPhone: The Missing Manual available in August, PDF bundle available now

The venerable David Pogue has worked his relentless magic yet again to conjure up yet another manual that apparently should have been in the box with iPhone: The Missing Manual (though one could certainly argue that there would have been no way to fit a typical book in the iPhone's impressively comp...

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iPhone: The Missing Manual

David Pogue, is there anything you can't do? He has had an iPhone for a few weeks now (one of the perks of being the New York Times tech columnist, I would imagine) and now there is news of the pending release of iPhone: The Missing Manual (it'll set ya back $20). This latest addition to the Missing...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Adam Goldstein

We're on a roll: In this edition of TUAW's Mac Moment series, I sit down with Adam Goldstein, the young author of AppleScript the Missing Manual. "But Dan," you ask, puzzled, "what's so special about this particular author?" Just watch the video to find out: he started his book, working for David P...

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6 Fresh iPod Tips from O'Reilly

The newest version of iPod: the Missing Manual just came out this month and it's author, J D Biersdorfer has a cool article up over at O'Reilly Digital Media to celebrate. In "Six Fresh Tips from iPod: the Missing Manual", you're likely to find at least one new tip that you hadn't previously known a...

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