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Palm Pre owners: Mark/Space has a Missing Sync for you

The Missing Sync line of software from Mark/Space has been around long enough that just about every handheld operating system made can now sync data with a Mac. As a result, it's not surprising that Mark/Space has announced Missing Sync for Palm Pre. The $39.95 Mac application (also available in a t...

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Beta Beat: BlackBerry Media Sync for OS X

Back in September, we started hearing rumblings that RIM was developing native OS X utilities for Mac BlackBerry users. Finally, RIM has released a preview version (on 12/19) of its BlackBerry Media Sync utility for OS X. It's no Desktop Manager, but at least it is a start. BlackBerry Media...

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RIM source says Mac tools are on the way! confirms rumors that I've been hearing for at least six months: RIM is preparing to release native BlackBerry utilities for Mac users. According to's source, who requested anonymity, the software tools are being prepped for the first half of 2009. This is great news for any BlackBerr...

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Mark/Space ships Missing Sync for Symbian

Mac sync software developer Mark/Space has announced the release of The Missing Sync for Symbian. Designed to sync Mac apps to Symbian S60 and UIQ smartphones, the new $39.95 product (electronic download) has a unique feature -- Proximity Syncing. When your Mac and Symbian phone are within Bluetooth...

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Missing Sync for iPhone: Windows Version

The wizards of sync at Mark/Space have announced the availability of The Missing Sync for iPhone (for Windows). This is the Windows edition of the package that takes PIM data from your existing Palm OS, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, or Windows Mobile device and moves it to your sparkly new iPhone. Lik...

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Mark/Space to release Missing Sync for iPhone

When I saw that Mark/Space was planning to release a version of Missing Sync for iPhone my first reaction was: what for? But as it happens I think they've hit upon some needed features that are actually missing from the out-of-the-box iPhone experience. First is a Migration Assistant for moving cont...

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Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4.0 adds WM6 support

It's sad but true; not everybody can have an iPhone. But for those poor souls with a supported Windows Mobile device, things just got a little bit better as Mark/Space has released version 4.0 of their Missing Sync for Windows Mobile with support for the new Windows Mobile 6 platform. New to versio...

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Missing Sync for Palm 6.0 adds Yojimbo notes, Treo SMS, and more

As a Palm user I've been jealous ever since Missing Sync for Windows Mobile added support for syncing notes from Yojimbo last year. Fortunately, Mark/Space has finally stepped up to the plate and the newly released version 6.0 of Missing Sync for Palm adds Yojimbo syncing as well (Mark/Space's own N...

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Missing Sync for Windows Mobile beta allows syncing without Flight Mode

It is ironic that I just recently found this new beta of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, as a BlackBerry Pearl is arriving today to replace my Samsung BlackJack, which I can no longer stand. Nevertheless, I know there are plenty of Mac users out there who are rollin' with Mark/Space's Missing Syn...

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Missing Sync for Blackberry out of beta

Rejoice, o ye owners of Pearls and such: Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Blackberry is out of beta and on sale today. $40 for new licenses, $20 for cross-grades from other Missing Sync editions... but wait, you say, isn't PocketMac for Blackberry free of charge now? Yes it is, and you get what you p...

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SyncTogether - a solid .Mac syncing alternative

One of the key features of .Mac is extensible application syncing. Sure, there have been roll-your-own-.Mac contests, plenty of solutions for individual apps and even a guide for switching from .Mac to Google, but none of these have offered a serious replacement for the entire syncing umbrella that ...

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Missing Sync for Blackberry coming soon

If you haven't yet made arrangements to sell your Blackberry to an unsuspecting family member on May 31, you might be interested in some syncing options that are more, shall we say, fully featured than the free PocketMac 4. Sync ninjas Mark/Space are working on 'black(berry) to the Mac future' with ...

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Missing Sync for Windows Mobile syncs Yojimbo notes

Due to a SonyEricsson phone that recently passed away, I took a leap of faith and purchased a Windows Smartphone device, primarily because I want push email and I think the BlackBerry OS was beaten beyond death with a fugly stick (yes, I know it's still all the rage with the kiddies these days). De...

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Mark/Space releases Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5

Mark/Space, purveyors of the Missing Sync line of software which allows all kinds of non-iSync compatible devices shake hands with your Mac, has released Missing Sync for Windows Mobile version 2.5. This update includes support for a wide array of Windows Mobile 5 devices. This update also includes...

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Mark/Space announces Missing Sync for PSP

Mark/Space, purveyors of popular Missing Sync middle-man software that lets more than just iSync-friendly devices shake hands with your Mac, has just announced yet another version in their lineup: Missing Sync 1.0 for the PSP. In addition to all those games, movies and music files you're lugging aro...

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