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Fiksu: iOS 7 adoption rate at 58 percent after one week

For the past week, analytics and advertising firms have been checking in with word on the adoption rate of iOS 7 -- that is, what percentage of all iOS devices are currently running the new operating system. The latest is Fiksu of Boston, which announced yesterday that iOS 7 was on 58.5 percent of...

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The streams crossed: Mixpanel shows iOS 7 adoption rate now surpasses iOS 6 (Updated)

There you have it: Mixpanel's data is showing that the number of iOS devices running iOS 7 just surpassed the number running iOS 6 after only three days. What do we have to say to the Android world at this juncture in history? This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo The rapid adoption of...

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iOS 7 adoption rate after one day is higher than for earlier versions of iOS

If it seemed like everyone on planet Earth was trying to install iOS 7 at the same you were, well, you're probably not wrong in that assumption. Information from Chitika Insights and others who have been following the action of the past 24 hours shows that anywhere from 18.2 percent (Chitika) to 3...

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