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MLB.com At Bat app embraces iOS 7

Just in time for the postseason, MLB.com's At Bat app has scored an update for iOS 7. Along with compatibility with the new version of iOS, the refresh brings with it postseason stat sections, a news feed and series scoreboards. But most importantly, the update adds the ability to watch multiple l...

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Out of the Park Baseball gets updated for the new season

Spring is here in the US. My Cubs are losing, and that must mean it's finally time for baseball season! MLB's official At Bat app is already out in the App Store if you want to listen to the real thing, but if you would rather have your pitching and hitting simulated, Out of the Park Baseball h...

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MLB At Bat 12 now available on the App Store

Another sign that baseball season is just around the corner -- MLB At Bat 12 is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The app is free, but that only gives you access to scores. If you want all of the goodies that make MLB At Bat the powerhouse app that it is, you need to do a in-app p...

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MLB simplifies iPhone, iPad app pricing for MLB TV subscribers

For baseball fans, there's no happier day than Super Bowl Sunday, since we know that means that in a few weeks catchers and pitchers will be reporting for early Spring Training. Well, the pitchers and catchers are warming up and now another sign of spring has appeared -- news about pricing of Major...

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MLB may implement subscription next season

Major League Baseball has embraced social media and mobile devices in a big way and it looks like this early adoption is paying off. The MLB At Bat app was downloaded 1.6 million times across all mobile platforms and is reportedly the highest grossing app in the iTunes App Store, according to a...

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MLB At Bat 11 apps for iPhone, iPad now available

With the wintry weather that seems to be hitting a lot of the U.S. today, most people probably aren't thinking about the start of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. There are two sure signs of spring today -- the MLB players started playing Spring Training exhibition games today, and the ML...

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Case study: Griping about signal quality can produce results

For most iPhone owners, it seems like AT&T is deaf to our complaints about signal quality. It appears, however, that griping loudly and repeatedly to the company does have an effect. I live in the suburbs south of Denver and my signal quality is pretty good. However, whenever my wife and I ha...

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MLB At Bat for iPhone

We've been running running a few App Store roundups covering applications announced for the iPhone App Store, but as TUAW's resident seamhead I can't help but call one out for special attention. It was demoed at the WWDC keynote and now Macworld has a close look at the upcoming MLB At Bat applicatio...

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