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Navigon adds some unique features to GPS app

Navigon has been very aggressive about keeping its highly rated MobileNavigator app [iTunes link] up to date. Now, new features are putting it even further ahead of a lot of the competition. The update adds three innovative features: in-app connection to Facebook and Twitter, Panorama View 3D wit...

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Navigon briefly cutting price on its popular Nav app

Gee, we were just saying how competitive it is getting in the iPhone nav department, and Navigon has gone and cut prices for holiday travelers. For 10 days only, beginning today (November 20-30) Navigon's iPhone app, Mobile Navigator [iTunes link]will be on sale for U.S. $69.99 instead of $89.99 ...

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Live Traffic comes to Mobile Navigator

It's coming! Navigon, maker of the iPhone Mobile Navigator app [iTunes link], will announce a live traffic feature tomorrow that will be rolled out next month. The update is only for the North American version of the software. Our readers have absolutely lusted after this feature for iPhone navi...

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Holy Grail of turn-by-turn arrives: Navigon updates GPS app with text to speech

Users have been begging for it, and now Navigon has updated the Mobile Navigator [iTunes link] app to read street names to you as you drive. I've tested the app around town, and it worked well, and the speech is clear and easy to understand. Here in Arizona, a lot of the street names are Spanish,...

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