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Apple highlights iOS 7 and education, business

The final shipping version of iOS 7 may be months away, but that's not keeping Apple from revving up the marketing engines. The company has published two new pages on its website to tout the advantages of the new OS in both education and business. On both the education and business pages, Apple's...

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MacTech offers free Mobile Device Management Primer

First, it was a few people who wanted to get work email on their personal iPhones so they could keep up with the office even if they weren't there. Then it was a couple of high level people who decided they'd get iPhones as their official company phone. Now you have stacks of them all over the pl...

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MacTech In-Depth events focus on a single topic

We've been impressed with the MacTech Conference (coming up again soon) and this week the organizers announced a series of one-day seminars laser focused on a single topic and dedicated to going "in depth" on that topic. The seminars will be different each time, and they will be in different citi...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Enterprise Features

Apple has posted an outline of what it believes to be the key enterprise features of iPhone OS 4.0. Third-party multitasking, enhanced security and mobile device management are among the marquee features. As a former IT director, I'm drawn in by mobile device management (MDM). Setting up individu...

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