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Priceline says mobile flight bookers like taking it easy

Priceline.com is one of the most well-known flight- and hotel-booking sites out there, and the company recently shared some information with TUAW about how its mobile device-based users tend to set up travel. The company identified three trends for the people booking flights from mobile devices...

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Apple, Sony, others sued by Graphics Properties

Apple and a few other big electronics companies are facing yet another lawsuit, this time from a company called Graphics Properties, formerly known as Silicon Graphics. These patents target a process that turns text and images into pixels for display on mobile screens, and Silicon Graphics is c...

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Apple devices dominate airport Wi-Fi

Anyone who has spent time around an airport recently has probably noticed that Apple devices -- particularly the iPhone and iPad -- seem to be everywhere. Ina Fried at the Wall Street Journal reports that Wi-Fi hotspot provider Boingo has the stats to prove that Apple devices are now dominating...

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Report: Not much has changed in the growing smartphone market

It's that time of the month again -- another report is out from Millenial Media about advertising on the smartphone platforms, with more conclusions about what the market's been up to lately. This month, the big news is... that there's not a lot of big news at all. Apple continues to sit on top...

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Official iPod Emmy Awards announced

I had to read that a couple of times myself. The National Television Academy has announced the very first Emmy award for the internet, cell phones and iPods. According to the press release, the award will be "...presented for original entertainment programming created specifically for non-tradi...

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