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Apple is silently telling us to stop asking for near-field communication

We've been hearing rumors about an NFC-enabled iPhone and/or iPad for years now, and the song is always the same: "Sources say the next iDevice will have NFC, and it's about time!" Yet here we sit, with a pair of new iPhones just a day from launch, and no NFC in sight. If there's anything the iPh...

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OpenTable for iPhone to begin testing mobile payments

OpenTable is already the most popular restaurant-reservation system in the world, and now the company is planning a new twist -- mobile payments for your meals from its namesake app (free). Matthew Roberts, chief executive of OpenTable, told the New York Times' Brian X. Chen that the payment proc...

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Dash wants you to pay your happy hour tab with your iPhone

Alternative payment methods seem to be all the rage these days, from retailer-specific virtual cards that can be loaded with currency to the movement to make NFC-based payment kiosks an option at retailers. As VentureBeat reports, New York's Dash wants to do things a bit differently and by targeti...

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Walmart extends iPhone scan-and-checkout feature

Walmart is expanding its Scan & Go checkout feature to over 200 stores, up from the current 70, according to Reuters. Scan & Go allows Walmart shoppers to scan items in the store with the Walmart iPhone app and then pay for them at self-checkout terminals. The pilot program began in A...

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US Bank releases NFC iPhone case for 'Go Mobile' payment service trial

US Bank has announced it is kicking off a limited trial of its Go Mobile payment service via an NFC-enabled iPhone case. The Go Mobile wireless payment service is initially being rolled out in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Portland, Ore. US Bank customers in either city can visit a bank branch for ...

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Storific, PayPal to improve iPhone mobile payment

Mobile payment services are the next big thing for smartphone owners, with some analysts predicting that smartphone-based payments will become a $617 billion industry by 2016. Big name companies like PayPal are offering mobile payment solutions and working with app developers to get this fledgl...

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99Bill produces first iPhone credit card reader in China

99Bill, a leading electronic financial service provider in China, is launching a new mobile payment solution that looks surprisingly familiar. The square-shaped 99Bill Card Reader plugs into the audio jack of your iPhone or Android device and lets merchants accept credit card and bank card paym...

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T.G.I. Friday's to let diners pay with their iPhones

In here, it's always Friday®, and you can always pay for your food and booze with your iPhone. Casual dining chain T.G.I. Friday's has announced that iPhone owners can now use a mobile payment option called Tabbedout to pay their bills. The option is part of a free mobile app called Friday'...

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PayPal may go after Square's mobile payments

PayPal is planning to take on Square with a new payment processing dongle, says a report from GigaOM. The dongle will supposedly tie into PayPal's already robust payment processing system and will be targeted towards small businesses. Smaller companies would be able to use this system to process c...

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Study shows iPhone owners open to mobile payments

A British study by research and consulting firm YouGov reveals that almost half of iPhone owners are open to making mobile payments. As noted by GigaOM, the study says 46% of iPhone owners in the UK would be willing to pay bills using their iPhone, 62% would transfer funds from one account to a...

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Pay through your iPhone camera with

Using your credit card to pay for products or services through apps can be a pain, particularly if you need to type in that 16-digit card number and a three-digit security code on a virtual keyboard. A new startup,, wants to make paying for something as easy as taking a picture with your ...

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More iPhone than Android owners want mobile wallets

Google may have beaten Apple to NFC, but a recent survey reveals that only 24% of Android users are actually interested in using the technology to make purchases. iPhone owners are still waiting for an NFC-enabled model, but 40% can't wait to pay in a store using their phone. Much of this dif...

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iPhone 4 getting stickers in Japan for mobile payment solutions

NFC technology comes to the iPhone 4 thanks to the Japanese carrier SoftBank, which is offering Sony's FeliCa payment system for the iPhone 4. The system includes an NFC-enabled "seal" that affixes to the back of the iPhone 4 and is compatible with the official Apple bumper case. From the carri...

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