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Tonight is International Observe the Moon Night so grab your iPhone

Tonight is the first-ever International Observe the Moon Night. If you have an iOS device, you can get even more out of observing our nearest neighbor and learning about what its made of, how it came to be, and how to observe it. Free apps like Moon Globe will allow you to explore the lunar service ...

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Mars Globe HD: It's like looking out a spaceship window

Those are the first thoughts I had as I began to explore Mars Globe HD for the iPad. The app is a virtual, high-resolution globe of the red planet which you can explore by using your fingers to move and magnify the image. The images are uncannily realistic. While this app is available for the iPh...

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Carry the Moon in your pocket with this free iPhone app

Last week I was pleased to suggest some free astronomy programs of interest to star-gazers. This week, I'm at it again hoping that space or science buffs get a look at Moon Globe. This very handy app gives you a complete map of our nearest space neighbor, showing you what is visible on any night ...

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