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For Mom: Korus delivers wireless audio without hassles

Given the wide assortment of wireless audio technologies in today's ecosystem, it's easy to get bogged down in sound quality and engineering specs. What's not so easy is explaining to a parent or less tech-savvy relative how they should use their devices and connections amongst the current crop of s...

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BroApp coming to iOS amidst firestorm of opinion

BroApp, a US$1.99 Android app that sends automated texts to friends, partners, and family is heading soon to iOS. The app acts on your behalf as a kind of techno-Cyrano. It messages your recipient with a fortune cookie of attention. "Thinking of you." "Can't wait to see you." "Good morning! I hope...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: Mamas edition!

Not just Sunday, but Mother's Day Sunday! Once you've wrapped up brunch and presents for Mom, join us for the show tonight! We'll have a little news about system updates and new maps but mostly we want to talk to moms. We'll spend some time with a few of our favorites, provided they aren't still ...

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5 apps for Moms on Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day here in the US and in a handful of other countries around the world. To celebrate this holiday, I've compiled a list of five outstanding apps that are perfect for all the iPhone-toting mothers out there. These titles will help Mom get organized, share memorable moments and hav...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What apps should I buy for Mother's Day?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Mother's Day is coming. What apps should I buy for the beloved of my life, the mother of my children. Tom...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight: Moms, Macs, and mirth at 10 PM EDT

Sunday night is the night that all of your favorite TUAW bloggers and commenters get together for the fun-filled hour called the TUAW Talkcast. Tonight's show starts at 10 PM EDT sharp, and we'll be talking about our mothers (hey, it is Mother's Day and we need to work that into this show somehow......

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TUAW's tips for gifting an iPad for Mother's Day

Still searching for that perfect Mother's Day gift for your mom or wife? Why not get her an iPad? Buy Mom a computer? You're kidding me, right? The iPad's versatility lends itself to some computer-like comparisons. And a natural response to this would be: "Who would want a computer for a Mother's D...

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Talkcast reminder: Mother's Day edition, 10pm ET

Last week's show featured our own Mike & Kelly, and a surprise visit from guest Ged Maheux of the Iconfactory, talking about the release of Twitterrific 2 for the iPhone -- plus questions and calls from the audience. You can download the show from Talkshoe or subscribe in iTunes. We're back li...

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