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Mothership releases Prepo 2, helps devs create app icons and retina artwork

One of the challenges facing developers isn't always writing clean code. A small development team also has to contend with images and icons, which are often the first things a user sees when he stumbles upon your app and takes it on its maiden run. One app that promises to make artwork and ic...

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Apple expenditures to grow on solar project, new campus

Apple's got incredible amounts of money in the bank, as you probably already know. According to recent financial filings, Apple is about to spend a good bit of it. The company will reportedly spend US$8 billion during the next financial year, which is more than twice what it spend during the la...

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Cupertino city council releases 'Mothership' proposal documents

Every building begins as a work of imagination, and one of the challenges architects face when discussing their plans with clients and neighbors is how to share that inner vision effectively and accurately. For Apple's planned 'Mothership' campus expansion in Cupertino, those efforts at conve...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW goes to the mothership

No Macworld is complete without at least one pilgrimage to the mothership in Cupertino, and so yesterday, before the meetings and interviews we're planning today, David Winograd, Dave Caolo, and myself made the trip to the Apple Campus. In the gallery below, you can see what we saw, from the boxed ...

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Apple employee blogs commute

Have you ever wondered what it is like to commute to Apple's campus at Cupertino? Neither have I. However, that hasn't stopped Andrew Lin from vlogging his morning commute to the Mothership. The videos are all in QuickTime (what else?) and they are sped up by 30, so you need not experience the commu...

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