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Apple's profound effect on healthcare

Doctors prefer apples -- both the edible and the electronic variety, says a report in The Motley Fool. Apple technology is revolutionizing the medical industry through physicians, who fell in love with their iPads and iPhones. Doctors are using these devices in their daily practice and are driv...

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Motley Fool declares Apple stock of 2008

Will 2008 be the year of Apple? I thought 2007 was the year of Apple (and before that 2006 wasn't too shabby as I recall), but it would seem that those foolish stock dudes over at The Motley Fool think that Apple stock will be the stock to have in 2008. They point out Apple's aggressive, and success...

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Bullish on Apple?

Alyce Lomax, blogging over at the Motley Fool, discusses her take on Apple's stock performance. Over the last five years, Apple has boomed -- up 715%. Lomax believes that Apple has not yet peaked. She sees growth opportunities in the Intel line of Macs along with the strong performance of the iPod....

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