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Find My iPhone, Podcasts, Movie Trailers apps all updated

And the march of Apple software updates keeps on coming. Apple has just issued new releases of the Find My iPhone, Podcasts and Movie Trailers iOS apps. Here's what's new in each one: Podcasts What's New in Version 2.0 Podcasts 2 introduces a stunning, all-new design for iOS 7 and adds useful fe...

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Apple's Movie Trailers app adds Fandango ticket purchasing

Apple has released a new update for its Movie Trailers app. The update brings a number of features that are sure to please movie fans. Users are now able to purchase movie tickets in the app, with purchases routed through Fandango. Apple enabled ticket purchasing through Siri and Fandango earlier ...

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5 things I want to see from Apple in 2013

2012 was a pretty good year for Apple. It released two versions of the iPad; a totally new iPad mini; a completely redesigned iPhone and iPod touch, as well as iPod nanos; super-thin MacBook Pros with Retina displays; and an incredibly designed new iMac. The company also had a few low-points, n...

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Apple TV update released, adds new content providers (updated)

With all the other iOS-based devices in Apple's lineup getting an update today, it's no surprise that the Apple TV received one as well. The update is expected to add access to Photo Stream and will also add the new iTunes Movie Trailers app that was released for iOS today. Other new features i...

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Apple releases iTunes Movie Trailers app for iOS

Apple has released iTunes Movie Trailers for iOS. This app lets you view the latest movie trailers right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Fortunately, the app isn't limited to streaming trailers. Use it to view movie posters, search local theaters for what's playing and monitor a built-in calen...

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Apple Movie Trailers website getting an iTunes Store-style overhaul?

A reader has tipped us off that Apple's Movie Trailer site has gotten an iTunes Store-style look. Well, for the Iron Man 2 Exclusive Trailer page anyway. Right now the rest of the site seems to have retained its old look. Is this a slow rollout, or is Iron Man just that cool that he gets his own d...

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