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Tabular for Mac makes reading and writing tab music easy

Chromatic Lab's Tabular (US$19.99) is an all-in-one application for reading, editing and writing tablature music with a Mac. If you're a musician, music teacher or composer of music, on a percussive or stringed instrument, and you use tablature instead of music notation, Tabular has got all the...

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Better Ears: A music theory and ear training app for Mac

Better Ears (US$24.99) is a new Mac app that teaches you music theory while enhancing your hearing through training exercises. Do you know your intervals? Your minor second, fifth or major seventh from a given root note? Or a major harmonic scale from a mixolydian chordal mode? Not only can you ...

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Anytune, a music practise app with detailed functionality

On TUAW we've looked at many apps which let you slow down the tempo or change the pitch of a song to help you practice music more effectively. And that's exactly what Anytune does, but with a great degree of detail and some extra features to help even further. Anytune is a free, universal app...

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Practice Timer keeps track of how long you practice your instrument

Continuing in the theme of iOS apps that help you practice with your instrument to become a better musician, Practice Timer keeps a log of how many seconds, minutes and hours you've spent practicing. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of something. Practice Tim...

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Highnote for iOS gives musicians tempo and key control over their music

Highnote allows you to slow down or speed up the tempo of songs in your iOS music library, without affecting the pitch or key. It also allows you to change the key without affecting the tempo. Any aspiring musician will need to spend hours practicing and honing their skills in order to master t...

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