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Record labels laugh at Apple's proposed royalty rate for streaming service

The New York Post has an exclusive today about Apple's attempts to get rights from record labels for a proposed music streaming service, which are apparently falling on deaf ears because its offer is "seen as way too cheap." A high-level executive at one label told the Post that "Apple wants ...

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Amazon's Cloud Player now supports iPad natively

If you're an Amazon Cloud Player user and you have an iPad, you had best go and check your iOS updates. Amazon has updated its Cloud Player app to 2.0, and it now supports the iPad natively. The update brings a tweaked look to the app as well as new settings to manage the cache size for dow...

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Bollywood music hit Dhingana launches dynamic adaptive streaming on iOS

India's leading on-demand music service Dhungana has updated its iOS app to be the first app outside of the US that offers Apple's dynamic adaptive streaming for music playback. As we told you about last February, Apple's dynamic adaptive streaming allows mobile users to access their streamin...

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Poll: Which music streaming service are you using for iOS?

In light of Spotify launching its long awaited iPad app, and iMore's recent in-depth look at the top three music streaming services available for the iPhone, we thought we'd take a little TUAW poll to see just which music streaming services (if any) TUAW readers use on their iOS devices. Tren...

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iMore compares top music streaming services for the iPhone

iMore has conducted an in-depth comparison of three of the most popular music streaming services available for the iPhone: Spotify, Pandora and Slacker. As mentioned in the article, iTunes is certainly king when it comes to the purchase of digital music, but undoubtedly, there's an ever increas...

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Get audio from iOS to your HiFi easily and cheaply

There are plenty of ways to get audio from your Mac to your HiFi. AirPlay works great, if you have an AirPlay friendly system or an Apple TV. If you want to do it on the cheap, check out WiFi2HiFi, which we've mentioned a couple times in the past. This US$3.99 app runs on your iPhone, and you a...

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BananaTunes beta streams beautiful music from iOS to your Mac

One of the great things about being a buddy of Erica Sadun is that sooner or later, she surprises you with an amazing app. [Ed: This is also known as "assault by beta testing" under Utah's penal code.] Her BananaTunes beta evolves iOS-to-Mac video app BananaTV to the next logical step -- it t...

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Spotify reportedly signs US deal with Sony

Just a week ago, we covered a New York Post story indicating that Spotify, the ad-supported or subscription based all-you-can-eat music streaming service, was about to sign a deal with Sony Music in the U.S. -- taking Spotify a step closer to the U.S. market. Now, according to MediaMemo, that dea...

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Spotify moving closer to US release

It seems, according to the New York Post, that Spotify is coming to the US imminently. Spotify is a Luxembourg-based streaming, ad-supported or subscription based all-you-can-eat music service, currently only available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands -- much ...

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iHome gives further details on AirPlay-ready speakers

iHome's first AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system didn't make it out for the holiday season as expected, but they have just released further information on the system, now known as the iW1. We first got wind of the iW1 last September. Back then we simply knew that it would be a wireless s...

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