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LeAnn Rimes new music video was shot on iPhone and you should really watch it

Regardless of your feelings about country music, LeAnn Rimes' new music video is well worth your time as an Apple enthusiast. The clip for "Gasoline and Matches" off of her new album Spitfire was shot entirely using an iPhone. Combining stop-motion animation, clips of live singing and the haun...

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Music video created with iPad and iPhone

As you can tell from our quiet start this morning, it's a slow day around the TUAW HQ -- most of us are still in the holiday mood, and with much of the United States off work today anyway, things aren't too crazy. But we're still here, and while some of us are buried under snow, we can still at...

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Music video: iPhone games get real

This video by Australian band Hey Geronimo is the cutest thing. The group painstakingly recreated scenes and characters from popular iPhone games for their song, "Why Don't We Do Something?". I love the Angry Birds in the car, the flying Fruit Ninja fruit and the cat battling Flight Control air...

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First music video shot with the iPhone 4S

A band called The Turnback nabbed a few iPhone 4Ses as quickly as they could, and scheduled a music video shoot right around launch, opting to be the first to fire off a music video using just the iPhone 4S and its new HD camera. As you can see below, it looks pretty good -- not quite as good a...

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Daily iPhone App: VidRhythm

When Harmonix (the makers of Rock Band and Dance Central) first announced it was creating a brand new iOS app, I was looking forward to a brand new music game of some kind. But the company surprised us all with VidRhythm, now available on the App Store for US$1.99. It's not really a game, really;...

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Music video created with iPad Brushes app

This video for the song named "Undivided" by the band Blush is intriguing. First of all, because it's a pretty solid pop song (with, as far as I can tell, a rare safe-for-work appearance by Snoop Dogg himself). Second, because the simple but beautiful animation was entirely created by animator ...

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FaceTime is the star in The Blue Stones music video

And now for something completely different: a music video featuring FaceTime on a pair of iPhone 4s. Canadian duo The Blue Stones created their video for the song "I'm A Stereo" using the iPhone 4s, FaceTime and strategically-placed duct tape. The latter was used to cover up the name info on th...

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Music video shot with only an iPad 2

Take a musician, a film company and four iPad 2s to a rocking dance party, and you have all the ingredients for an impressive indie music video. Filmed by Remedy Films, this 5-minute music video for the song "Need" by Eddy shows what is possible with the iPad 2 and some talent. According to C...

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3D music video was shot with two iPhone 4s

Forget about the Android-powered LG Optimus 3D with its fancy 3D camera, all you need to make a 3D video is a couple of people, two iPhone 4s, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for filming. The folks at Atomic Cheesecake productions were up to the challenge and put together a 3D music video reco...

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MacBook Pro, music video star

We tweeted this last week, but it seemed worth a second mention: New York-based hip-hop artists DeScribe and Y-Love have released their video for the new single "Change," prominently featuring a trio of MacBook Pro machines. While many computers appearing in videos are idle or showing mocked-up ...

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Music video shot entirely on an iPhone

Behold, what is claimed to be the world's first music video shot entirely on an iPhone. This gem comes to us from GOSHone, A self-described "mad scientist with computers, gadgets, and musical equipment and stuff," G1 used his jailbroken iPhone and a copy of Cycorder to produce what I can only desc...

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The OS X desktop as music video

A digital filmmaker named Dennis Liu has made an amazing video for The Bird And The Bee's lovely song "Again & Again". The set? His Mac desktop. You sort of have to see it for yourself to understand; luckily, Dennis has dropped it on YouTube so that the world can see it in low-res glory: In...

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TuneCore offers iTunes Music Video sales

Earlier this year, I posted about TuneCore, a service that allows you to sell your music on iTunes. Now TuneCore has given us the heads up that the service has expanded to include Music Video sales. You can upload your music videos to iTunes and sell them alongside all the normal music labels. Sell...

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MacBook (PRODUCT) RED already in production?

Color me crazy, but the MacBook in this music video looks a lot like it could be one of those (PRODUCT) RED MacBooks that have been rumored before. Of course, it could also just be a ColorWare job to stir up some hype - though who exactly is doing the stirring is anyone's guess. You'll know more as...

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Free Music Video Content for your iPod

It's always cool when bands release free music videos as promotional material. I remember last year when The Decemberists released the music video for 16 Military Wives via Bittorrent. Many bands now release promotional material in download-able formats. This leads me to my current point: the Texas...

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