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Toad Rider is a shameless Battletoads ripoff, and a poor one at that

When a developer decides to completely rip off another game, they usually at least attempt to give it a fresh spin. Sure, games take inspiration from each other all the time, and to be fair, it's oftentimes difficult to pin the word "ripoff" on a game at all. It's not difficult with Toad Rider. T...

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iCade's 8-bitty controller now out

That "8-bitty" wireless controller announced by ThinkGeek a while ago is now available in the company's online store. For US$29.99, you can grab hold of an NES-style retro controller, with not two but four buttons designed to work with iOS games across the iCade protocol. This is not an Ion Aud...

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ThinkGeek announces 8-bitty wireless controller for iPad, iPhone

It looks like ThinkGeek and Ion Audio were holding out on us when we visited the companies' booth at CES earlier this year. (See update below) In addition to the three new devices already announced for the iCade lineup by Ion (that allows you to use various controls for iOS games across Bluetooth)...

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RoboTouch brings NES controller to iPad

Mix a handful of micro servos, an old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, a pinch of open-source Arduino magic, an iPad running Reckless Racing, a few pounds of ingenuity and elbow grease, and what do you get? Most of us would probably end up with an iPad and a small yard sale. But avi...

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Nintendo: Apple isn't a viable gaming platform

When asked about the impact that the iPhone and iPod touch have had on Nintendo's stranglehold on portable gaming, and whether or not there is any concern about the iPad, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that Apple "is not having an impact on Nintendo when you look at our business...

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The question of emulators

Gizmodo recently posted this video, which is beautiful to any PSX-era gamers: it's Final Fantasy VII running right on the iPhone, like buttah thanks to the 3GS hardware. How is this possible? Through the magic of emulation -- ever since computers got powerful enough to pretend to be other computers,...

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Cyan porting Myst to iPhone

An employee of Cyan Worlds (proprietors of the legendary Myst series of games) has announced that they will be porting the original Myst to the iPhone. Apparently it's an "outside-funded" project -- though who might be funding it isn't yet clear -- and is apparently proving to be an "interesting a...

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NES controller Apple Remote

Here's a neat little hack with some retro gaming chic. A clever modder has basically stuffed the guts of an Apple Remote into an old NES controller sans cable. He's got step-by-step instructions if you want to make your very own very Mario-friendly Front Row / Apple TV controller. Personally, I'd l...

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iPhone NES emulator reaches Release Candidate 1

NerveGas, the developer who forked "StepWhite"'s iPhoneNES program from StepWhite's proof-of-concept version 0.01 to actual playable product, has announced Released Candidate 1 for his NES emulator.The emulator, which uses a modified version of the InfoNES emulation core, is a separate development e...

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iPhone NES: Fast, usable, totally rewritten

So what happens when someone releases a functional but extremely slow NES emulator? Two of the finest iPhone hackers spend all night re-writing the thing to make it blazing fast and include multi-touch support. Behold the optimized NES App created by NerveGas with help from NightWatch/Patrick Walto...

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NES emulator on the iPhone

Wow-- something I've noticed after my little vacation last week is that the iPhone application community is at a full sprint (no pun intended) on making applications. When I left, people were dropping Hello World, and now we're up to the evolutionary step of NES emulator. By this time next week, w...

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Found Video: iPod with NES Controller

Our sister blog Engadget found this pretty dang cool iPod hack. Somebody has hooked up an old NES controller for use with an iPod Photo to play Doom. As you can see on the original site, this involved adding a USB port to the bottom of his iPod to which the controller connects. And of course the ...

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NES emulator for the iPod

First it was Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man, and now the enterprising geeks at the iPod Linux project have written a NES emulator for the iPod. So far, Megaman, Spiderman, Skate Or Die and Guerilla War work fine, while Tetris, Super Mario Brothers and a few others are still a bit crash-tastic. If you've g...

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A Mac mini in an NES

This is an impressive mod. Brent Housen's friend has taken a Mac mini, gutted it, and reassembled it inside an 'old school' (as the kids say) NES. The power button on the NES puts the Mac mini to sleep, and the Reset button ejects the CD tray. Pretty sweet, I just hope you don't have to blow on the...

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