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An easy way to import NetNewsWire feeds into Safari

Well color me surprised - after trying a few convoluted methods for exporting some of my NetNewsWire feeds in a format that Safari could import (as RSS, not HTML links to real sites), I finally realized that either Brent Simmons and/or Apple have already done some of the heavy lifting. If you tog...

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TUAW Automator App: Export NetNewsWire feeds

Not many people are familiar with how flexible and shareable your NetNewsWire / NewsGator subscriptions are, so I thought it was time to elaborate a little and play with Automator again. First on our sharing list: the ability to embed an automatically updating list of your NetNewsWire / NewsGator ...

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5 questions with Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire

Hot on the heels of releasing NetNewsWire 3 Brent Simmons, developer and creator of said program, sat down with me in the virtual HQ of TUAW (a.k.a. the Internet) and answered my questions five. Read on to hear what Brent has to say about NNW's new UI, the feature he would have liked to have includ...

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NetNewsWire 3.0 now available

The NetNewsWire 3.0 beta is now over. That's right, RSS junkies, NNW 3.0 is now publicly available. I've been using NetNewsWire 3.0 since Macworld 2007, and it has really come together in the last few months. There are lots of new features, including: Growl support Spotlight integration Twit...

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TUAW Podcast #21 - the NetNewsWire 3 beta screencast

The TUAW Podcast is upon us, and for #21 I decided on a screencast of that NetNewsWire 3 beta sneak peek released a couple weeks ago. The new version is a slick piece of work with a lot of nice new features, and I go over all the good stuff in just under 8 minutes. This H264/AAC podcast weighs in...

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Beta Beat: NetNewsWire 3.0 sneak peek

Brent Simmons has released the first public 'sneak peek' (note: it isn't even a beta) of NetNewsWire 3.0, a much-anticipated new version of his immensely popular RSS client which NewsGator acquired in 2005. Brent has made a brief announcement on his blog, reminding everyone that there's still a lo...

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NetNewsWire style: FeedLight

These NetNewsWire styles just keep getting better, especially since this one is designed for both NetNewsWire and Vienna. Not long ago I found a couple of really slick NNW styles, one of them taking a crack at a Spotlight look + headline wrapping, and now Brent Simmons via the Ranchero blog has h...

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AppleScripts for integrating Safari, NetNewsWire, and Yojimbo - oh my!

I don't know how I missed this post at Hawk Wings a few weeks ago, but I am glad I found it at least sooner or later: Tim Gaden has been keeping a watchful eye on the Yojimbo mailing list, and he caught a set of scripts written by Dylan Damian that can take a link from either Safari or NetNewsWire, ...

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NetNewsWire styles: Reflex and Spotlight+wrap

It's been a couple of months since I switched from NetNewsWire to Google Reader, but I am happy to announce that I saw the light and have returned to greener pastures. While Google Reader is still roughly 3000 times as functional as NewsGator Online, I simply could no longer resist the torture of ...

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NetNewsWire 2.1 released

After all the beta releases, the testing and the blood sweat and tears, NetNewsWire 2.1 has gone official. In case you've been living under a rock the past few months, this long-anticipated release of the most.popular.newsreader.evar includes major new features like syncing with NewsGator, posting t...

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NetNewsWire 2.1b36 fixes server/network, news updating issues

As if Ranchero employed hundreds of little coder gnomes who work around the clock, the company has cranked out yet another beta release of NetNewsWire 2.1 to fix news updating issues. Turns out NNW's ability to grab news might experience some quirks if NewsGator syncing became flaky, so this release...

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Shrook now free

Shrook, a full featured RSS reader for OS X, is now freeware according to Shrook developer Graham Parks. In an email to TUAW he assures us that development of Shrook will continue, the only thing that has changed is the price. Why the sudden change to freeware? To quote Graham, 'to piss off Brent S...

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NetNewsWire 2.1b23

The NetNewsWire 2.1 beta rolls on with the release of 2.1b23. This release sees improvements in NewsGator Syncing (which you don't have to use, but it is awesome), better password support, proxies, and much more. Read the changelog, or get all the details on the NewNewsWire beta page....

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Is the look being copied too much?

Fraser Speirs, developer of apps like FlickrExport and Xjournal, posed an interesting issue on his blog the other day: is the general look and UI of being duplicated by too many other developers? Fraser doesn't necessarily dislike the look and feel, nor is he taking a jab at devel...

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NetNewsWire to iWeb applescript

I think I've finally found the last reason I need to move my personal blog over to iWeb, thanks to a Ranchero blog post. The NetNewsWire to iWeb Applescript app bundle is pretty simple to set up: download the script and place it wherever you want. In NNW, simply chose this script (NOT iWeb) as your ...

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