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Tag: NPD Group

Big iPhone 6 launch leads to huge sales of accessories

Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone or iPad, financial and marketing analysis firms are always quick to point out just how many devices were sold in a short amount of time, and what the probable positive impact is to the company's bottom line. Well, new devices like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus also ma...

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Macs account for more than 1/4 of all back-to-school PC sales

Numbers from the NPD Group's Weekly Tracking Service show that Macs reached an all-time high percentage of back-to-school PC sales this year, with 26.8 percent of all personal computers sold in the U.S. between Independence Day and Labor Day coming from the Cupertino company. The numbers, via App...

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NPD Group: iTunes owns the internet video market

We'll find out how Apple's financial fortunes are faring a bit later this afternoon, but for now, there's a report out of The NPD Group showing that Apple now dominates home digital video the way it does the digital music market. The numbers are staggering: Apple's iTunes Store had a 67 perce...

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IDC: Mac shipments down. Gartner: Mac shipments up.

It must be tough to be a market research firm these days. IDC released preliminary information of PC shipments for the first calendar quarter of 2013 today, showing the market to be dismal with an overall decline in PC shipments of almost 13 percent in the US year-over-year and Mac shipments ap...

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NPD: Apple accounted for 1/5th of all US consumer tech revenue last year

The 2012 superlatives for Apple just keep rolling in. NPD Group released a report today showing an overall decline in US sales of consumer technology for the year, but that Apple's share of sales (based on revenue) rose from 17.3 percent in 2011 to 19.9 percent in 2012. Apple's sales share wa...

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Daily Update for January 4, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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NPD Group: US MacBook sales took a 6 percent hit during 2012 holidays

NPD Group is reporting that sales of Apple's MacBook line were 6 percent lower during the period between November 18 and December 22, 2012 than during the same period in 2011. The report, as described by John Virata of AppleInsider, notes that the average selling price of all MacBooks sold wa...

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Study: One in four iPad customers are new to Apple

Remember the early generation iPods - they were so popular and it seemed like everyone, even non-Mac users, had one? A recent NPD report about the iPad suggests the tablet device is slowly replacing the iPod as the device that gets people into the Apple ecosystem. In its Apple Ecosystem Study, ...

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If Siri were paired with a GPS app

We all love Siri. Whether it's the fascinating and sometimes unintentionally humorous comments that it makes, or the fact that it's surprisingly useful in a variety of situations, Siri has captured the imagination of many iPhone users. In a guest post for our sister site Engadget, NPD Group execu...

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Apple takes 4 percent of US digital video market, Netflix reigns

The NPD Group crowned Netflix the heavyweight champion of digital, video-on-demand services in a statement released earlier today. Between January 2011 and February 2011, Netflix accounted for 61 percent of all movies downloaded or streamed over the internet or offered on-demand through a cable...

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Apple owns 66% of online music market, Amazon a distant second place

As if Apple's share of the online music world wasn't big enough, financial research firm NPD Group is reporting that iTunes is now responsible for 66.2% of the market for online music purchases. That's up from 63.2% earlier in the year, despite intense competition from Amazon, which is way behind in...

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Analyst: Sharp rise in iPad sales estimates

Yet again, more analyst news regarding the iPad impacting laptop and netbook sales. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that estimated sales of the iPad for 2010 have more than doubled to 11 or 12 million units sold this year, with 20 million iPads expected to be sold in 2011 -- which is still cons...

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Apple's "renaissance" is under way

A few months ago, I walked into a Paradise Bakery & Café in Phoenix -- a place known for its excellent food and free Wi-Fi. Like a lot of places with free Internet access, there were plenty of laptop users. What stood out to me was that all but one of the computers was either a MacBook or...

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Magic Mouse doubles Apple's mouse market share

AppleInsider is reporting that in only eight weeks since its release, the Magic Mouse has helped Apple double its mouse market share. NPD Group sales data shows Apple garnered over 10% of the mouse market in November. I can personally attest to how popular the mouse is. I ordered one from Apple's...

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Apple kicks butt, takes names in October desktop and laptop retail sales

Boo-ya! Apple took the top honors in terms of desktop and laptop retail sales in the U.S. in October, according to market research firm NPD Group. As reported on CNET, the iMac line (refreshed in October) and laptops occupied some of the top slots in the list. During the month of October, the new...

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