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iSuppli: Apple iCloud could affect NAND Flash market

Apple's upcoming iCloud service could have a negative effect on the NAND Flash market says IHS iSuppli. The market research firm suggests a change from phone and computer-based storage to online storage could lessen demand for flash memory in the future. Of course, iCloud in its current from is a...

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New MacBook Airs may include high-speed 400MBps flash memory

The next generation MacBook Air may get a flash memory boost according to a report from Macotakara. The new NAND flash memory could replace the Blade X-Gale SSDs in the current generation MacBook Air models. This Toggle DDR 2.0 technology boasts of 400 MBps transfer rates and a 19-nm process si...

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iFixit: Apple TV has 8GB of onboard flash storage

One of the big questions concerning whether or not the new Apple TV will be able to run apps of some sort is "how much onboard RAM does it have?" That question has been answered by the guys at iFixit, who as usual, have been the first to tear apart and document the internal workings of the Apple T...

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Get ready for 8 gig Nanos

NAND flash, it is the magic inside of the iPod nano. Thanks to NAND flash memory Apple is able to make those tiny little devices, and now Samsung has announced that they are mass manufacturing 8 gig NAND flash chips. What's that mean to you? Well, it most likely means that sometime within 6 months t...

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