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Kickstarter project aims to add Bluetooth and waterproofing to your nano-powered iWatch

iPod Nano watches have taken off. With the addition of a well designed strap, your iPod Nano becomes an iWatch with different time faces, a music library, pedometer and a cool touch screen interface. But some things have been lacking. For instance, the iWatch is obviously not waterproof, like...

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Hex introduces new Icon watch bands for the iPod nano

With the addition of sixteen new clock faces, Apple pretty much put its official stamp on the idea of an iPod nano watch. Hex is ready to take advantage of the hype. The company has released a watch band for the nano called the Icon watch band (US$40), which gives you a polycarbonate way to str...

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Hex watch bands for iPod nano on pre-order now

Now that's a good looking nano watch. We've covered a few iPod nano watch bands before, but to me, they've always seemed kind of cheap and hinky, more hacks than things that you'd actually wear out and about. But I really like this new band from Hex Vision -- it's a stainless steel band with a ...

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How to: Turn your old watch into a nanowatch

Sure, you could just buy a "carrying solution" for the new square iPod nano, but where's the fun in that? Wired shows you how to turn your old wristwatch into a nanowatch -- just take the old strap off, and use the nano's clip to attach it all together. Of course, it depends on your old watch strap...

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