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Rare photos show NeXT-era Jobs doing his best to change the world

Yesterday we brought you news of a Wired photo gallery with a few great early Steve Jobs photos from Doug Menuez's book Fearless Genius. Today, we bring you some more glimpses into Silicon Valley's golden age that Menuez has decided to share with us, along with his own insights and recollections...

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Be the hippest hipster at your local Starbucks with a NeXT sticker for your MacBook

Want to show all the other MacBook-toting latte drinkers at your local coffee shop that you liked Apple before it was cool? There's no better way than boldly displaying your affection for the company that, by being acquired, brought co-founder Steve Jobs back into the Apple fold. For US$24.50, you...

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Video of Steve Jobs with his NeXT team circa 1985

Seeing as this week is generally slow on Apple news (aside from Black Friday sales, of course), I thought it might be a good time to highlight an interesting video of Steve Jobs during his early days at NeXT. And by early, I mean just a few months into the company's existence. The video below was...

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Steve Jobs' NeXTcube on display

The Cartoon Art Museum held its annual NeXTEVNT fundraiser on Monday and one of the stars of the show was Steve Jobs' personal NeXTcube that was there on loan from Pixar. Photos of the NeXTcube on display were shot by Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer. Hamilton attended the event on behalf of TMO,...

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Next for iPhone seeks to easily log and track your spending, expenses

I feel like we're starting to see another boom in well-designed apps that do cool things easily. Next (US$1.99) is in that category, as the app's interface is clean, intuitive and responsive. That's good, because the app is designed to reduce the friction needed to log expenses -- something tha...

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Documentary on Steve Jobs building NeXT

The Loop has posted a link to a documentary that shows Steve Jobs running a meeting while he was at NeXT, the company he formed in 1985 after leaving Apple. The company's mission was to produce high-end workstations for colleges and the business market. It's always interesting seeing Jobs inter...

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Daily Update for April 18, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Fast Company on the 'wilderness years' of Steve Jobs

Brent Schlender of Fast Company has written a great long-form article on Steve Jobs's so-called "wilderness years" -- the period between when Jobs was ousted from Apple in the mid 80s and his return in the late 90s. Many people (wrongly) tend to think of this period as Jobs sort of aimlessly drift...

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On this day in 1996, Apple acquired NeXT (Updated)

Updated to clarify that 10.0 was the first official client version of Mac OS X, and that Mac OS X Server shipped prior to its release. On this day, December 20, just fifteen years ago, Apple paid $400 million to purchase NeXT. That's the move that brought Steve Jobs back to the company he hel...

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Inside NeXT: Steve Jobs documentary video

The Next Web has a fascinating link to a video documentary about Steve Jobs's time at NeXT that gives you some further insight into how he worked, and his determined and sometime volatile personality. The NeXT episode was filmed by John Nathan for a TV series called Entrepreneurs produced by WE...

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Steve Jobs's story of the stones

Next week, Landmark Theaters in 19 US cities will screen a 70-minute "lost interview" featuring Steve Jobs. The interview was done in 1996 by Robert X. Cringely for his PBS series "Triumph of the Nerds" and is being released in unedited form as Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview. Philip Elmer-Dew...

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Computerworld releases long version of 1995 Steve Jobs interview

Computerworld has a piece of Apple history that Apple fans should watch. In 1995, a then 40-year-old Steve Jobs sat down with Computerworld's Daniel Morrow for a 75-minute interview. The one-on-one talk was recorded as part of an oral history project organized by the Computerworld Information Tec...

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Journalist Brent Schlender shares memories of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs interacted with many people over the course of his career at Apple, NeXT and Pixar. Employees and journalists covering his companies became part of his inner circle and got a rare glimpse of the real man behind the public persona. One such journalist was famed Fortune writer Brent Schl...

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Steve Jobs on Apple in 1996, prior to his return

In 1996, Steve Jobs sat down with PBS' Wall $treet Week host Louis Rukeyser and discussed his current business ventures - Pixar and NeXT. He also touched briefly on his former project, Apple, which in 1996 was at an all-time low and considered to be "one of the failure stories of Wall Street." ...

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Found Footage: Steve Jobs demonstrates NeXT Step

Here's a great piece of Apple history. In this video (check it out after the break), Steve Jobs gives a demonstration of a NeXT computer. You'll remember that Steve formed NeXT in 1995 after being ousted from Apple. Years later, in 1996, Apple purchased NeXT after Steve's return. Much of the current...

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