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Free Press launches petition site against AT&T in the name of Net Neutrality

In the face of mounting pressure from Net Neutrality groups and threats of FCC complaints, AT&T recently unblocked use of Apple's FaceTime for some of its user base. Unfortunately, customers on unlimited data plans are still unable to use the popular chat feature over AT&T's cellular ne...

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AT&T responds to FaceTime criticism, says you should be happy just to have apps at all

In a move that will surprise no one, AT&T released a statement regarding FaceTime on its cellular network. Apple announced FaceTime over cellular at WWDC, but AT&T this month was quick to point out that only its Mobile Share customers will be able to use Apple's video chat tool. There a...

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Could AT&T's blockage of FaceTime be an FCC violation?

Yesterday, TUAW noted that AT&T is planning on blocking Apple's iOS 6 FaceTime video calling app over cellular service except for those individuals who have signed up for one of the company's new "Mobile Share" plans. A few websites are now wondering aloud if AT&T's plans to proceed in ...

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Woz speaks up on net neutrality (video)

Steve Wozniak stepped up the plate earlier this week and spoke out on net neutrality. In both a written statement and a quick interview while at the recent FCC hearing on net neutrality, Woz singled out the telecommunication companies for their deceptive practices and monopolistic behaviors. Wo...

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Net neutrality expert calls Apple the number one threat to Internet freedom

According to Tim Wu, author of The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires and the man responsible for the term "net neutrality," Apple is the number one danger to Internet freedom. In a one on one interview with the New York Times, Columbia law professor Wu claims that what worries ...

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T-Mobile FCC memo cites Android app that caused network chaos

Remember, back in 2007 -- you know, Year One BTAS (Before The App Store) -- when Steve Jobs gave Apple's rationale for keeping the iPhone a closed platform versus allowing native app development? "Cingular doesn't want to see their West Coast network go down because some application messed up," he f...

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