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Get your Mac history lessons on Netflix

Although there quite a few old guys like myself who have been around since the early days of the Mac, there are a heck of a lot more people who have switched to the platform in the recent past. As such, those new to the platform might want a refresher on Mac history. In 2008, the documentary Welc...

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MovieBuddy for the iPad: a new way to look at Netflix

MovieBuddy for Netflix [US $0.99] is a new native iPad app that serves as a graphically beautiful front-end for Netflix subscribers. Billy Crystal, as Fernando on Saturday Night Live, had a catch-phrase that went: "It's better to look good than to feel good," and that's what kept going through my mi...

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Netflix expected to release a Watch Instantly video streaming app

There are at least 27 Netflix related iPhone apps according to Macworld. Their purposes differ but most of them are designed to let you manage your movie queue. A new player is about to enter the arena: Netflix itself, who intends to bring "Watch Instantly" video streaming to the iPhone/iPod touch...

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