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Apple to open third Netherlands retail store this weekend

Apple has announced that it will be opening another Apple Store in the Netherlands this coming Saturday, August 9. The store will be located at The Hague's Passage mall, and joins the company's other stores in Haarlem and Amsterdam. This is the third store Apple has opened in the Netherlands si...

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Apple news bites for Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's been very, very quiet in the world of Apple the past few weeks, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing happening out there. Here are a few little snack-sized bits of news that we've picked up this morning: Did you break the screen on your iPhone 5s? Just walk into your local Apple Stor...

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Apple's second Netherlands store opens December 7

Apple will open its second retail store in the Netherlands this Saturday, December 7. The store will be located in the city of Haarlem's main shopping district at Grote Houtstraat 99 and opens its doors at 9 AM local time. Haarlem is only about 20 km away from Amsterdam, where Apple's first and o...

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Seven 'Steve Jobs Schools' open in the Netherlands

Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, kids are either preparing to go back to the classrooms or have already started school again. In the Netherlands, seven of what are called "Steve Jobs Schools" opened their doors today. The schools are focused on using the iPad as the primary focus of all learni...

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Apple wins invalidation of Samsung 3G patent in Germany

This round of the continuing fisticuffs between Apple and Samsung goes to Apple. FOSS Patents reported yesterday that Germany's Federal Patent Court has invalidated the German part of a Samsung patent for a "turbo encoding / decoding device and method for processing frame data according to QoS....

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Evidence points to new Netherlands Apple Store

It looks like Haarlem, The Netherlands will soon have the luxury of a new Apple Store along Grote Houtstraat, a prime retail location in a popular pedestrian walkway in the city. ifoAppleStore reports that construction has begun on the ground floor of what appears to be the beginnings of an A...

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Apple signs lease for new store in The Hague

Apple is reportedly moving into a new space in The Hague (Netherlands), but its arrival may disappoint holiday shoppers next year. According to a report in ifoAppleStore and, Apple has allegedly signed a lease to occupy a three-level space that once housed the Selexyz bookstore. A...

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Dutch court bans sale of some Samsung products

According to an IDG news service report published by Computer World, a Dutch court has banned the sales of Samsung Galaxy products that infringe on an Apple patent. The patent in this case describes a method for scrolling through a photo gallery on a touchscreen device. The ban applies to Galax...

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Dutch court finds Samsung does not infringe on Apple multitouch patent

Apple faced a legal setback in the Netherlands when a Dutch court ruled that Samsung's tablets and smartphones do not infringe on Apple's multitouch patents. This decision reaffirms an earlier, preliminary non-infringement ruling in a case that was heard in August 2011. The Dutch legal decision...

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Apple updates Apple Store app, adds account and carrier options

Apple has updated its official Apple Store app, now available for free on the App Store. The new update allows for options to manage your account and billing right on the phone. You can also browse through all of the various carriers available for Apple's iPhone. For those of you in the Netherland...

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Wall coverings appear at forthcoming Amsterdam Apple Store

Apple is prepping a new retail store in Amsterdam, and MacRumors has collected pictures of the orange and white window coverings that have shown up at the location. They're pretty unique and striking, with the bright orange modern look really standing out in the colder, more traditional buildings ...

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First Apple Store in the Netherlands to open in February

A strong windstorm gave some bloggers in the Netherlands a chance to view the progress of construction at the new Apple Store on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. The wind blew away part of the barriers around the new store, and Apple fans in the city quickly took advantage by shooting some great phot...

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360iDev: Mike Lee talks about mariachi, project engineering and Appsterdam

Mike Lee, former Apple and Delicious Monster employee, is among the most dynamic speakers on the Mac and Apple circuit -- whether he's telling dirty jokes or waxing poetic about beauty and insanity, he's always entertaining and insightful about product development and Apple culture in general. ...

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Apple misrepresents Galaxy S phone in Dutch filing

Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the Netherlands claiming the Galaxy S too closely resembles the iPhone. Unfortunately, the evidence submitted in the case appears to misrepresent the Galaxy S handset. In an image provided by Apple in the filing, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is the sa...

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UK has white iPhone now, Netherlands company memo suggests next week

Just in time for Easter, it's finally here -- our friends at Engadget have obtained actual pictures of the official white iPhone 4, which was purportedly sold by a Vodafone UK retailer to a tipster. It's just what you'd expect it to be (like the iPhone 4, but, y'know, white), save for being one...

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