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Bodega and MacAppsThatRock help you find new Mac apps

I switched to the Mac several years ago, and I'm still finding apps that have been around for a long time that I wish I had known about sooner. Hopefully the Mac App Store will help, but it also raises two issues: 1) What about apps that aren't in the store (for whatever reason, perhaps because they...

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Meerkat 1.5 automatically reconnects your SSH Tunnels

Meerkat turns SSH tunnels -- a fairly obscure and complicated concept -- into a feature anyone should be able to use, and does so in a very Mac-like way. I've known about SSH tunnels for a long time, but I've never been able to get them working. The concept is simple enough: a SSH connection is form...

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NetworkLocation 2.0 goes official

We first mentioned NetworkLocation back in November '06, and since then this automated location manager and setting switcher has been upgraded to v2.0 with some killer new features. In addition to automatically changing settings like system volume, opening a webpage, playing an iTunes playlist or...

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MarcoPolo: automatic location manager

We've previously mentioned locations managers like Location X ($20) and NetworkLocation ($15). These are tools that can change a variety of settings depending on your location (e.g. SMTP server, default printer, etc.). This is very convenient for mobile users moving between work and home, etc. Marco...

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NetworkLocation - change settings based on your network

NetworkLocation is a handy utility that allows you to create templates of actions and settings based on (you guessed it) your network location. Like WiLMa and Location X before it, NetworkLocation can set up batches of settings to apply, apps to open and scripts to run, and keep them all accessible ...

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