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Tag: New York Times

Jony Ive talks new materials and Tim Cook's involvement in the creative process

As an addendum to its recent profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook, the New York Times on Monday published the full transcript from its interview with Apple designer Jony Ive. The full interview contains a number of interesting tidbits, with Ive taking time to address issues as varied as the industrial d...

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NYT wins Pulitzer for Apple 'iEconomy' investigations

The winners of the 2013 Pulitzer Prizes were announced Monday, with the New York Times winning this year's prize for explanatory reporting. The award was for the paper's "iEconomy" series investigating the way business has adapted to the changing global economy, largely focusing on Apple. The...

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ABC has live-streaming mobile app in the works

The New York Times is reporting that ABC is working on an app to stream live ABC programming to the iPhones and iPads of cable and satellite TV subscribers. ABC, which is a subsidiary of Disney, would become the first American broadcaster to provide a live internet stream of both national and l...

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New York Times says Apple is developing a curved glass smart watch

In today's Bits column, New York Times writer Nick Bilton says Apple is developing a curved screen watch. Apple has declined to comment on any of this, as usual, but an Apple-branded smart watch been long rumored. There has been a good deal of interest in a smartphone-connected watch. There was...

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NY Times: App gold rush leaves many struggling developers

The New York Times appears to have finally caught on to the big secret that many independent developers have known for a while -- the days of grabbing a pot of gold by writing an iOS app are over. In a Saturday post, the Times regaled readers with the stories of two app developers who have seen v...

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How Apple's mobile devices are re-defining medicine

The New York Times examines how Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are changing the way the health industry works. Of course, a light, powerful, and simple touchscreen computer can be handy almost anywhere, but that's especially true in the field of medicine. Much of the work involves referen...

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The New York Times launches HTML5 web app for iPad

The New York Times has launched an experimental HTML5 web app specifically for viewing content on the iPad. The web app has a few different features from the regular iPad app, including the ability to find out which articles are trending on Twitter and a continuous wire feed. It supports swipe g...

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NYT: Apple is (or was) considering a stake in Twitter

The New York Times is reporting that Apple might invest some of its considerable cash reserves in Twitter. After the unrewarded experiment that was Ping, Apple put a few hundred million dollars in Twitter in return for tighter cooperation between the companies and sharing Twitter's insight into...

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Siri's novelty is wearing off ... for some

New York Times technology writer Nick Bilton may be breaking up with Siri, per his post on the NYT Bits blog. Bilton's on-again, off-again love affair with Apple's intelligent assistant seems to be familiar territory for some other iPhone 4S users. He notes that "Many people I have spoken to ha...

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Apple's tepid retail growth in China

Apple may view China as its next big market, but the Cupertino company is dropping the ball when it comes to expanding its retail presence in the Asian country, says a Reuters story. Back in 2010, former head of Apple's retail division Ron Johnson predicted Apple soon would have 25 retail store...

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Flipboard enters content deal with the New York TImes

The New York Times announced today that it is bringing its subscription content to the popular social reader app Flipboard. Starting Thursday, June 28, subscribers to The New York Times will be able to read full articles, browse image galleries and watch videos using the Flipboard app. This is th...

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WWDC chatter focused on products, not Jobs or Cook

Did you notice something a bit different yesterday at the WWDC keynote? Nick Bilton of the New York Times did -- the focus of chatter during and after the keynote was all about the products, not about the present or past CEO. Of course, this wasn't Tim Cook's first shot at a major announcemen...

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Apple defends its tax practices in the New York Times

A recent New York Times article slams Apple for avoiding billions in state and federal taxes using common corporate loopholes. Apple didn't take kindly to this report and has issued a four-paragraph response defending its practices. The Cupertino company says it pays "an enormous amount of ta...

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CNN Money: New York Times gets Tim Cook's earnings wrong

The New York Times ran a report over the weekend that claimed Tim Cook was a million-dollar-a-day CEO. Acording to a follow-up report from CNN Money, that estimate is way off. The CNN report claims the NYT was correct with the CEO's yearly salary of US$900,000, but made a mistake when it incl...

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NYT: New iPad screen could be too good for the web

The New York Times points out what we (and Gruber) first saw when we fired up our new iPad -- most web images look terrible its Retina display. Companies that do business on the web now have a difficult decision to make about their graphics. Do they spend the extra cost to create, store and ser...

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