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Daily iPhone App: Ring in the New Year with the Official Times Square Ball App

It's New Year's Eve, which means there will be a rocking party in Times Square tonight. If you can't be in New York City for the shindig, you can still participate in the fun using the 2013 edition of the Times Square Official New Year's Eve Ball App. The official New Year's Eve app lets you ...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 pm ET: Another auld lang iSyne

We've yet to land directly on New Year's Eve with a scheduled TUAW Talkcast; the most recent Sunday night NYE was in 2006, years before we started the show, and the next Sunday alignment with 12/31 isn't until 2017. (We should all come to see it in good health.) One day off is as close as we'll ...

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Man eats iPhone 4 at New Year's Eve celebration

We admit, we tricked you a bit with that headline -- India's Krishna Kalyan actually ate a cake for New Year's Eve, which is not nearly as extraordinary (or painful) as actually chowing down on a Retina Display and an A4 processor. But it was a cake that looked remarkably like an iPhone 4 -- as you ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Seafood Watch

Here's another Daily App choice that's a little more practical than a lot of the games we've been covering lately. Seafood Watch is an app updated with information about fish from all over the world, letting you see at a glance where the fish you're eating probably came from and not only how nutriti...

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New Year's App Blowout lowers prices on some iOS apps

The sales are almost all done this holiday season (EA , you may have noticed, has raised its prices back up from that 99 cent price point that was so strong during Christmas), but here's one more to help you pick up a a few more iOS games to play over New Year's. The third annual New Year's app blo...

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Ring in the New Year on your iPhone with the official Times Square Ball app

Ever wanted to be in Times Square on New Years Eve instead of in your buddy's basement? Well, good luck with that. In the meantime you can download the first official Times Square Ball app. The app lets you live vicariously through those that are there and features the countdown clock (synced to you...

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