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The Steve Jobs email that has the DOJ's interest

TUAW has covered the US Department of Justice price-fixing case against Apple for the past several years. Now an email sent from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs to James Murdoch of News Corporation (parent company of HarperCollins publishers) is being interpreted by the DOJ as showing that Apple and H...

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The Daily set to launch in the UK, US edition only

According to The Guardian newspaper, Rupert Murdoch's The Daily will be available in the UK within the first half of this year, but first Apple must introduce its new subscription-based pricing system in the UK. Jon Miller, the chief digital officer of Murdoch's News Corporation, said that it w...

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The Daily for iPad updated with new feature: It crashes more frequently now

Editor's Note: One tip that may resolve the frequent crashes -- the App Store description for The Daily is now showing a note stating "Current Daily users: Please delete your current app before upgrading to 1.0.1." This is not the way that app updates are supposed to be done. C'mon, News Corp. You'r...

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Mel Martin: The Daily through the eyes of one journalist

I've spent most of my life in the news business, both in reporting and management. Given that, something like The Daily is of high interest to me, both as a new media observer and as a voracious news consumer. From where I sit, The Daily looks pretty good. It's attractive, has some depth and has a ...

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