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The Daily staff offers a musical goodbye

Goodbye to The Daily, the ill-fated iPad news magazine that was launched with great fanfare in 2011 and will shut down tomorrow. Some of The Daily's staff will migrate to The New York Post. Most will be let go. The Daily staff produced a farewell video to say goodbye to their readers (featuring...

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Steve Sande: A first look at The Daily

I haven't read a newspaper since the Rocky Mountain News went belly-up a few years ago, and I'm not a fan of broadcast or cable news at all. So Rupert Murdoch (at right, during this morning's press conference) and his minions at News Corp have a long way to go to impress someone who pretty much get...

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The Guardian announces subscription-based news app, is rumored Newsstand looming?

AppleInsider reports that, on Thursday, The Guardian announced it will be replacing its current app with an all new version "soon." Although the current version of the app will continue to work (but eventually be discontinued), the new app is to introduce The Guardian's award-winning video, reader c...

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News Corp developing a tablet-exclusive publication

Reuters is reporting that News Corp, the world's third-largest media conglomerate, has confirmed they will be releasing a news publication developed specifically for tablet computers like the iPad. "It's a tablet-only product and it's very exciting," says James Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive,...

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iPad affecting newspaper sales

Today at the Monaco Media Forum, another nail was pounded into the coffin of that cornerstone of traditional media, the newspaper. News Corp's Asian/European operations lead, James Murdoch, noted that the switch to iPad and other mobile reading apps has had a direct effect on newspaper sales. Murdoc...

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