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Report: Americans have 28 percent more mobile apps in 2012

If it feels like you not only have more apps on your iPhone, but that you're spending more time in those apps, then you should congratulate yourself on being as savvy as pollster Nielsen. According to a report from the organization, the number of apps on the average smartphone increased from 32...

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Nielsen: More people use tablets, smartphones while watching TV

A recent report from Nielsen shows that folks in the US and UK enjoy using their mobile devices while watching TV, while those in Germany and Italy prefer to do one thing at a time says a report in CNET. Up to 88 percent of US tablet owners and 86 percent of US smartphone owners use their d...

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Nielsen: Smartphones dominate US phone purchases

A new report from Nielsen suggests the US is quickly becoming a smartphone nation. As of February 2012, almost half of all mobile subscribers (49.7 percent) own a smartphone. This is up from 36 percent recorded this time last year. People are buying new smartphones at an amazing clip with mor...

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Nielsen: iPhone 4S launch was "enormous"

With all the lines here in the US and overseas, we knew the iPhone 4S was going to be a tremendous hit. Now, a Nielsen survey from December gives us some numbers to support this observation. According to the survey, 44.5 percent of smartphone buyers bought an iPhone in December. This number is ...

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iPad tops holiday wish list for kids

If the latest survey data from Nielsen is anything to go by, Santa Claus is going to be loaded down with Apple products this year. Nearly half of kids aged 6-12 said they want an iPad this year, while nearly a quarter of kids aged 13 or over said the same thing. Nielsen surveyed a "general po...

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Nielsen: Android adoption doubled iOS over last three months

BGR reports this morning that Android phones are growing rapidly in market share in the US. That's the word from the Nielsen Company, which just released research conducted in August. Customer surveys showed that over the last 3 months, ending in August, twice as many people purchased an An...

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Nielsen: Apple is the leading manufacturer, iOS the #2 platform

The June Nielsen numbers are out for the US smartphone market and they uphold the trend we have been seeing for the past several months. Android is the leading smartphone platform with a 39% marketshare, while iOS grabs 28% to claim second spot. RIM's BlackBerry OS slides into third with a 20% ...

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Nielsen study shows climbing iPhone sales in the US

Nielsen has released the results of a new survey of mobile phone users in the US, and the word (almost) all around is growth. More and more people are buying smartphones, and while Android currently sits in the most popular smartphone spot (with 38% of smartphone owners holding Android devices)...

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Average US smartphone data usage climbs 89%, cost per MB drops 46%

Using your iPhone more and more? You're not alone. Data usage on all smartphones is soaring, according to new research by Nielsen. In a monthly analysis of cell phone bills for more than 65,000 lines, smartphone users, especially iPhone and Android users, are using more data than ever. Nielse...

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Are The Beatles responsible for music's digital growth in 2011?

Nielsen announced yesterday that music sales in the US are up 1.6 percent in 2011. That might not seem like a lot, but for the embattled music industry, any growth is good news. Interestingly, Nielsen seems to ascribe the growth of music sales to The Beatles' deal with Apple. As Nielsen says in...

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Nielsen: iPad maintains 82% of tablet market

No surprises here: the iPad is dominating the tablet market in the US right now, with over 80 percent of users owning a version of Apple's tablet. The latest survey by Nielsen gives that figure, and says that 3G and Wi-Fi versions are almost equally split among owners, with 39% sticking with Wi...

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Nielsen says Android is "most desired" smartphone platform

Nielsen released its early 2011 survey numbers, and the results suggest Android popularity is on the rise and iOS is declining in the US. In this latest consumer survey, Android edges out the iPhone as the most desired smartphone platform. When asking respondents about the next handset they int...

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iAds more effective than TV advertising, Nielsen finds

Nielsen is reporting, according to the results of a new survey, that Apple's iAds for Campbell's soup products were more than twice as effective as television advertising for the same product. Nielsen says that customers who saw ads for Campbell's in Apple's operating system were five times as like...

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iPhone, Android "most desired" smartphones for upgraders in the U.S.

Here's a little analyst-based hint for those of you not sure what to get your smartphone-obsessed loved one this holiday season. According to a survey released by Nielsen, 29.7 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers now have smartphones (with Apple, RIM and Android taking the lion's share). Android's...

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Kids 6-12 want iPads and iPod touches, survey says

Go figure -- this holiday season, kids want the priciest, hottest consumer electronics going. That's according to a new Nielsen survey, which says that across the demographic of kids 6-12, the iPad is the hottest gift in town, with 31 percent angling for a future purchase of Apple's tablet. The iPo...

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