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Firefox Retina display support almost here

TechCrunch is reporting that Firefox has inserted support for Apple's Retina display into its nightly builds, which means the official release will be in the public's hands very soon. Unfortunately, "very soon" in this case may mean "not soon enough" for many users -- while the Aurora release o...

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ADC on using nightly WebKit builds

Last year we blogged about the availability of nightly WebKit builds (WebKit being the HTML rendering engine that Apple uses in OS X and has made available to the Open Source community). The Apple Developer Connection has an article up explaining what nightly builds are and why you might want to use...

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Now that you have cleared up some room on  your hard drive, why not clutter it up with some nightly WebKit builds? What's WebKit? Why, it is the HTML engine that makes Safari work, and that is baked into OS X. It has an active developer community that issues nightly builds, for those that want ...

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