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Full-screen web apps should get a JavaScript boost in iOS 5

Lots of information about iOS 5 is still hidden under the developer NDA, but here's one tidbit that's sneaked out: Some web apps will be faster under the new operating system. So says one developer over on a coding message board; it confirms the rumor that full-screen web apps opened from the i...

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Apple confirms some WebKit optimizations unavailable to iOS Apps

The web performance enhancements included in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 4.3, are exclusively available to the Mobile Safari web browser, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed. The optimizations, which double JavaScript performance in Mobile Safari, are not available to the underlyin...

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iOS 4.3 gold master benchmarks from WIRED show speedier Safari browsing

In case you're wondering how that iOS 4.3 update is going to work out for you, WIRED has released results of benchmarks they performed using the gold master (release) version of the software. What they found was that the update provides major improvements in Safari's ability to run JavaScript. i...

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