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Noise Free Wireless creating a lot of noise over alleged Apple infringement

When you're the big target, it seems like everyone is shooting at you. Apple is now being sued by a Silicon Valley company by the name of Noise Free Wireless over alleged infringement of a patent for mobile phone noise-reduction technology. Noise Free Wireless says that the company first show...

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Siri may be iPhone 4S-only because of noise reduction tech

Siri has been in widespread use for four months, but so far Apple's "personal assistant" is still only available on one device, the iPhone 4S. We speculated that there weren't any technical reasons Siri couldn't work on some of Apple's other devices, and the jailbreak community later proved us righ...

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smcFanControl 2.0 supports all Intel Macs

Hendrik Holtmann's smcFanControl, a free (but donation-friendly) program released under the GNU public license, just got upgraded to version 2.0. The new version, which now works with all Intel Macs, controls your fan speed while monitoring your computer's internal temperature. The new version sits ...

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