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Apple had no say in Rockstar's decision to sue Google

Three weeks ago, we reported that Rockstar, a consortium backed by companies like Apple and Microsoft, sued Google and a host of other companies for patent infringement. As a quick primer, the Rockstar consortium in June of 2011 jointly bid US$4.4 billion in an auction for more than 6,000 Nortel pat...

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Apple-backed consortium sues Google, Samsung and others over Nortel patents

In late June of 2011, Apple was part of a consortium of tech companies that banded together to purchase more than 6,000 Nortel patents. The winning bid checked in at US$4.5 billion and came from a group that included Apple, EMC, Ericcson, Microsoft, RIM and Sony. Together, Apple and co. were refer...

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Apple grabs more than 1,000 patents from Rockstar Consortium

Apple is beefing up its patent portfolio with the recent transfer of over 1,000 patents from Rockstar Consortium. The patent and patent application transfer was first reported by Yonhap News and confirmed by patent transfer records in the US Patent and Trademark Office database. Apple is a me...

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Google accuses Apple and Microsoft of teaming up to strangle Android

David Drummond, Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer at Google, has posted a diatribe against Apple and Microsoft, both competitors against Google's Android platform. "Microsoft and Apple have always been at each other's throats, so when they get into bed together you have to start wondering what's g...

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Courts approve sale of Nortel patents to Apple, others

Courts in both the US and Canada have approved the sales of Nortel patents to a consortium of companies led by Apple. On July 1st Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson, EMC, Sony and RIM beat out competing offers from Google and Intel to win a treasure chest of 6,000 Nortel patents. The total cost of the sal...

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Antitrust investigation examining Apple-led Nortel patent purchase

Antitrust officials are reportedly examining the recent consortium purchase of Nortel's patent portfolio. According to the Washington Post, the Feds are interested in determining how Google will be affected by the sale: "Federal antitrust enforcers are scrutinizing whether Google, often accused ...

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Nortel patent auction goes to Apple/Microsoft/RIM consortium

Back in April, the bankrupt telecom manufacturer Nortel put its patent portfolio on the block via a US$900 million 'stalking horse' sale agreement with a relative newcomer to the market: Google. The arrangement set a minimum value for Nortel's intellectual property on the open market, and presu...

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DOJ gives Apple the green light to bid on Nortel patents

One by one, companies are getting the green light from the Department of Justice to bid on over 6,000 patents being auctioned off as part of Nortel's bankruptcy. Google received approval earlier this week, and Apple is supposedly next. Nortel is auctioning off its patents on June 27. Google h...

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Regulators worried about Apple's interest in Nortel patents

On June 20th, Canadian telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nortel will be auctioning off over 6,000 patents in order to restructure its debt and pay off financial obligations. Last December we reported that among the companies interested in the patents are Google, Research in Motion, and ...

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Apple, others withdraw filing for Novell patent purchase

CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of companies which include Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle, has withdrawn its filing to purchase 882 patents originally held by Novell. In December, the group submitted a plan to the German government's anti-trust authority notifying them of their plan to purchase th...

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Apple, Microsoft, others acquire Novell patents for $450 million

Software company Novell recently had to reorganize after an acquisition by Attachmate, and as a result, a number of patents held by the company went up the air for grabs. Apple has decided to team with Microsoft, and picked up the patents along with a few other partners for $450 million. It's not q...

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Rumor: Apple bidding for Nortel patent assets

The formerly high-flying Canadian telecommunications hardware provider Northern Telecom appears to be on its last legs, and Apple and Google are apparently among the vultures circling overhead ready to pick at the most valuable parts of the carcass. The two Silicon Valley companies are said to be a...

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