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Tag: OCR

Make a mess of your contacts with Business Card Reader Free

OCR - Optical Character Recognition is a very difficult thing to do right. Scanning pages of text can now be done fairly successfully, but business cards have always been a mess. Some are loaded with design elements, weird fonts, and non-standard placement of information. Business Card Reader Fr...

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Scanbot for iOS gets an update and improves your scans

Scanbot (US$1.99) advertises it can pretty much eliminate your desktop scanner, and it's hard to argue with that. My colleague Steve Sande looked at an earlier version of Scanbot and was impressed (he scans all paperwork that comes into his home with Scanbot), as am I with this latest iteration. The...

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ABBYY FineReader Pro is an unparalleled OCR solution

If you want fine-grained control over OCR and unmatched export options to a plethora of formats, ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac is definitely worth a close look, but the current version has some significant caveats which you should consider before spending US$100 on it. FineReader's Exceptional Fea...

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Daily iPhone App: SharpScan for iOS quickly and effortlessly scans your documents

SharpScan is a free (with in-app purchase options) iOS app that makes document scanning a snap. Select your camera to snap a document or choose an image with text already saved in your camera roll, and you'll quickly get a sharp image of your document. The app helps knock out noise, shadows and thos...

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Contact Snapper is an easy way to turn business cards into contacts

Contact Snapper for iPhone is the most clever app I've seen for the purpose of turning a business card into an editable digital contact. The app, which you can test for free, has several in-app purchase options I'll discuss later in this review. Contact Snapper is simple to use, and that is t...

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Prizmo is a powerful OS X scanning app

Prizmo 2 is a scanning application with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and several unique features that will attract those who do moderate scanning. Additional options are available from the Pro-pack via in-app purchase. Prizmo 2 is currently available from the App Store for US$24.99, which ...

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IRISNotes 2 is like a cheap version of Livescribe minus the special paper

Companies have been trying for years to make it easy for users to write on a standard notepad and capture that text in a digital format. I.R.I.S., a company that specializes in optical character recognition software, is back at it again with its new IRISNotes 2 lineup of digital pens. The bat...

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IRIScan Book 2 mobile scanner: Review and giveaway

Although I tend to use my iPhone 4S and Readdle's Scanner Pro (US$6.99) or JotNot Scanner Pro ($1.99) apps to do most of my scanning, there are still documents that need a regular scanner of some sort. For that, I have an old Epson 4490 Photo scanner, but it has issues handling anything that is...

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Daily iPhone App: WorldCard Mobile scans your business card collection

The paper business card may go away someday if innovative apps like Bump and Evernote Hello take over, but for now we're still dealing with these little chunks of cardboard. Of course, in almost all cases it's not the physical object we care about, but rather the data printed on the card. (Some ex...

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ScanDrop comes to Mac: makes scanning to cloud services simple

I've been a fan of a paperless workflow for a couple of years now, and I rely heavily on Evernote for organizing everything scannable that crosses my desk. One of the tools I've found invaluable for speeding up the scan and filing process is ScanDrop, as it allows me to scan a document and do bas...

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DocScanner successfully transitions from iOS to Mac app

Today I spent a half hour playing around with the first iOS app to Mac OS X app port I've gotten my hands on, and if DocScanner is any indication of the quality and usability of other iOS apps transitioning to the Mac, the Mac App Store is gonna rock indeed. DocScanner iPhone is an existing ap...

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Word Lens: an augmented reality language translator for iPhone

Word Lens is one of those apps that grabs your attention the first time you see it in action. Created by Quest Visual, it is an iPhone-based optical character recognition (OCR) application used for language translation. In real-world usage, it will translate a foreign language sign in an instant ...

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Prizmo is a pretty amazing iPhone app for OCR and more

There are a few apps that are great demos for the iPhone. Pulse News is a super RSS feed reader, iMovie always drops a few jaws, and Siri is a pretty amazing way to talk to your iPhone and get intelligent search results. You can add Prizmo to the list of great demo apps, and it's going to be a ve...

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Prizmo provides optical character recognition on the iPhone

Prizmo is a popular OCR (optical character recognition) app for the Mac that allows you to scan documents and things like business cards easily and quickly, avoiding the step of typing them in by hand. Now, Creaceed has announced that it's bringing the app to the iPhone, so you'll be able to make...

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PDFpen 4 adds OCR and Word importing

SmileOnMyMac has released a major update to PDFpen, their PDF editing software which we examined at a while back. PDFpen allows you to edit PDFs to fill out forms (e.g. scans of existing forms), mark-up documents, etc. The biggest new feature for version 4 is the inclusion of basic OCR functionality...

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