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Adobe releases a PDF creator for iOS

Given the history between Adobe and Apple, this might be kind of surprising, but it happened anyway. Adobe has released an app for iPhone and iPad called CreatePDF that allows you to make and edit your own PDF files, right on iOS. The app can be used to open up any number of document formats, a...

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NeoOffice 3 available for download

We had a lot of mail from users eager to let us know that the NeoOffice 3.0 is now available. NeoOffice is a Mac OS X native open-source office suite originally crafted from the code used for OpenOffice, and its developers are boasting about the following features not found in the current release ...

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OpenOffice 3 includes native version for Mac OS X

OpenOffice has released version 3 of its eponymous open-source alternative to Microsoft Office, which includes a native version for Mac OS X. According to Insanely Great Mac, the software includes: ODF 1.2 Support Microsoft Office 2007 Import Filters Solver component which allows solving optimiz...

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Sun offers StarOffice 9 beta for Mac

Sun has released a beta for StarOffice 9, which brings native Mac support to Sun's commercial version of the OpenOffice suite of applications (finally bringing to fruition Sun's joining the Mac porting team back in 2007). The new version is a regular Aqua application and no longer requires X11. In a...

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OpenOffice.org 3 for Mac Beta is available

If you've been cursing the big price tag and lack of VBA support in Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, OpenOffice.org is coming to your rescue. Last September, the OpenOffice.org dev team announced that they would be porting the suite to run natively on the Mac. Previous versions ran under the X11 envir...

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OpenOffice coming to the Mac natively

Our Weblogs, Inc. buddies at Download Squad bring us this news: OpenOffice is going to be able to run natively on the Mac in 2008. The OpenOffice suite is getting pretty impressive-- while Writer, Impress, and Calc might not be necessary when you have Pages, Keynote, and Numbers around, OpenOffice's...

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Sun joins OpenOffice Mac Porting Project

Fans of OpenOffice, the open source alternative to MS Office, rejoice! Sun, the company that puts the dot in .com, has just announced that they are joining the OpenOffice Mac porting project. What does this mean? It means that the chances of a Aqua version of OpenOffice materializing has just gone w...

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Windows Office 2007 files not compatible with Mac Office 2004

Delayed or not, the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac can't come soon enough for those who have little choice but to stick with Office in corporate environments. Although we have enjoyed reasonable (but still far from perfect) compatibility with our Windows Office brethren for some time now, ...

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Give thanks and praise: native OpenOffice arriving next month

No, you aren't hallucinating: Macworld UK is reporting that a truly native version of OpenOffice (not the java-powered NeoOffice port) will be shipping next month. OpenOffice's journey to running on Mac OS X in a native format has been a rollercoaster ride over the years, with a post on their site i...

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NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta 3 ready to go

Pay attention, open source addicts, as this one is for you. The new beta of NeoOffice 2.0 is ready for download. NeoOffice, for those of you wondering, is an open-source office suite (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing apps) that's based on the OpenOffice project. Go gr...

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NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta released with Early Access Program

NeoOffice, everyone's favorite implementation of OpenOffice in java, has released a v.2 beta of their suite with a new and improved Aqua-friendly interface. This new version is based on a recent version of OpenOffice (2.0.3), which includes apps for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, drawing...

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MacDevCenter on NeoOffice/J

One of our recurring points of discussion here at TUAW seems to revolve around the age old question: If not M$ Office, then what?. Well, Matthew Russell over at MacDevCenter has put together a pretty good answer to that question with What Is NeoOffice/J (and Can It Replace MS Office): "NeoOffice/J i...

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