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Orange UK to bundle iPad with iPhone contract

Want to get both a new iPad and an iPhone? If so, it's time to move to the UK and take advantage of a new bundle offer that Orange UK has come up with. With the offer, customers buy an iPhone and associated contract and get the iPad thrown in for free. For example, a customer pays £66 (...

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Orange UK to offer free weekly iTunes movie download

Orange UK is kicking off its Orange Film To Go promotion this week. The promotion lets Orange customers download a new film from iTunes each week. Starting Thursday, Orange customers can redeem their free movie by texting 'FILMTOGO' to 85060. They can also request a redemption code directly fro...

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Subsidized iPads starting slow in UK

Orange UK, as part of Everything Everywhere, announced their subsidy plan for new iPads back in November. According to information relayed from The Times by paidContent: UK, the company had expected to sell tens of thousands of the tablet over the holidays. However, it turns out they only sold a lit...

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UK iPad subsidy plan to be announced later today

Everything Everywhere is the UK's largest mobile network operator, and it owns the UK telecom brands Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. According to Marketing Week, the two telecom brands are expected to issue a formal announcement on November 22 that they will sell the iPad at their dual-branded stores. No...

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Orange UK announces iPad Wi-Fi + 3G data plan pricing for UK

They may have a hung parliament in the UK, but at least they know what to do about iPad data plan pricing. Fast on the heels of Apple's announcement of iPad availability in a number of international locales, we've heard from Orange UK about what they'll be charging iPad Wi-Fi + 3G owners for data...

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Orange to start UK iPhone sales on November 10

Update: Orange has announced pricing for the iPhone, in a dizzying matrix of subscription & pay-as-you-go plans (Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Racoon & Camel? Really?) matched with varying purchase costs. All plans include free unlimited WiFi access; wireless data is 250MB/mo on the PAYG plans an...

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Vodafone enters UK iPhone war, sales to begin in 2010

Vodafone has announced that they will start selling the iPhone 3G and 3GS in the UK and Ireland in early 2010. This comes just one day after Orange UK revealed its plans to offer the iPhone. Up to this point, O2 has had exclusive rights to the iPhone in the UK. No information on pricing is available...

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Orange UK getting iPhone 3G and 3GS "later this year"

In yet another "so logical it's gonna happen" rumors-come-true, O2 will no longer enjoy the exclusivity it has enjoyed for two years and Orange UK will begin offering the latest 2 versions of the iPhone "later this year," according to the BBC. O2 will continue selling the iPhone (along with the Palm...

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