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Ducati creates a short film with the iPhone 4

I have to eat my words -- despite my belief before launch that an iPhone 4 wouldn't be hard to find without a preorder, I'm still waiting to get the chance to buy one. But I got to play with another one last night (that screen!), and just like every other time I've had a chance to use it, I've be...

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TUAW TV Live: Macworld 2010 post-Expo show, OWLE bubo, and more

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! Today on TUAW TV Live we'll be talking about Macworld Expo 2010, the OWLE bubo, camera apps for the iPhone, and any other topics that happen to hit host Steve Sande's fancy. Some of the camera apps that we'll be discussing include Lo-Mob, ...

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TUAW TV Live: more on the aftermath of Macworld Expo at 5 PM ET

It's Wednesday, which means that we'll have an episode of TUAW TV Live streaming your way later today. This is our first live video since Macworld Expo, where TUAW bloggers of all shapes, sizes, and abilities took to the airwaves to give you the scoop on every topic imaginable. We'll be back at 5...

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Hands-on with the OWLE bubo: Better photos and video from your iPhone (Updated)

A while back, we had a product announcement about the OWLE bubo (US$129.95). That bizarre name is actually a play on words: OWLE stands for "Optical Widget for Life Enhancement" (the company's name) and bubo is the genus for American horned owls and old world eagle owls. The device, if you have...

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