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Apple gobbles up chip maker Intrinsity for $121 million

Apple's buying spree for chip technology companies continues, with The New York Times reporting that the company has acquired Intrinsity. The Texas-based fabless semiconductor company was widely thought to be the engineering brains behind the iPad's A4 system-on-a-chip. Intrinsity's 1 GHz hummingbi...

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Apple plans to support the PA Semi chips for the military

A while back we noted that Apple had acquired the chip maker PA Semi, apparently to get its hands on the chip company's power efficient technology. Just after the deal was announced, however, there were some worries that the government might not let it go through because PA Semi's chips are used in ...

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Apple buys P. A. Semi, designer of ultra-efficient processors

Here's an interesting tidbit sure to stoke the rumor mill. Forbes is reporting that after negotiations in Uncle Steve's own home Apple has acquired the small Santa Clara chip company P. A. Semi founded by Dan Dobberpuhl, the former lead designer of the DEC Alpha and StrongARM processors. What's inte...

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