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Tag: PC World

Apple threatens defamation lawsuit in Chinese iPad trademark case

Apple and Proview are in a heated legal battle over the ownership of the iPad name in China and now Apple is threatening to sue the Asian company for defamation. Apple is upset with Proview's attempt to reclaim the iPad trademark and use it to ban iPad sales in China. According to PC World, Apple ...

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Apple, ASUS top PC World satisfaction survey

Apple has garnered yet another win in a customer satisfaction survey -- this time it's PC World conferring the honors onto Cupertino, as Apple has topped both the laptop and desktop categories for most reliable and well-supported computer products. PC World says that Apple also did well in its smar...

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iOS 4.2 to support MIDI

It's come to light that the upcoming release of iOS 4.2 (due in November) will support all-out MIDI. According to Mike Keller, writing for PC World, Core MIDI on iOS 4.2 should work just as Core MIDI does on Mac OS X, meaning that your iDevice running iOS 4.2 will communicate with other MIDI compati...

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Seven ways PC World is wrong about the iPhone-Android matchup

Android's new features in the upcoming version 2.2 (aka "Froyo," announced this week at Google I/O) are certainly intriguing, but some sections of the press have gone off the deep end in their analysis of what this means for the iPhone and the smartphone market in general. PC World's piece, "7 ...

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PC World study: AT&T network has undergone "drastic makeover"

According to AT&T's commercials, they provide both "a better 3G experience" as well as "the nation's fastest 3G network." And, based on PC World's latest 3G wireless performance study, they've got more meat and potatoes (as if Luke Wilson wasn't enough) to back up their claims. The study, a col...

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PC World's dashed WWDC expectations

While some people came away from WWDC feeling like it's Christmas in June, it doesn't look like PC World was among them. But after reading their laundry list of unrequited hopes and dreams for WWDC (WWDC No Shows: 10 Things We Wanted From Apple and Didn't Get), it seems like PC World really doesn't ...

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McCracken returns as PC World editor in chief

Last week we mentioned the resignation of PC World editor in chief, Harry McCracken who seemed to have quit because PC World (and former Macworld) CEO Colin Crawford canned a story on "10 Things We Hate About Apple." In the brouhaha that followed the canned story finally came out (revealing not much...

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10 things that Sort of Mildly Displease PC World about Apple (and why PC World thinks Apple is Doing Well)

In the beginning there was 'hate', or more specifically "10 Things We Hate About Apple". And PC World's Harry Mccracken resigned from his position when former Macworld CEO Colin Crawford supposedly put the kibosh on the article. Questions raged throughout the blogosphere as to whether Apple was exer...

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PC World editor quits over Apple story

This story on Wired blog is interesting. About a month ago the former CEO of Macworld Magazine, Colin Crawford, took over sister magazine PC World and just recently put the kibosh on a story idea for the latter: "Ten Things We Hate about Apple." According to Wired's anonymous source: "It was suppose...

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Apple leads PC World's 50 Best Tech Products of All Time

Everybody likes lists and rankings; there's just something that fascinates people about them, and they're always good for an argument or, as the case may be, selling magazines. Squarely in this latter camp is PC World's list of the Best 50 Tech Products of All Time, which editor Harry McCracken writ...

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YouTube history of Stevenotes

Harry McCracken, over at PC World, has gathered an incredible collection of YouTube videos chronicling Steve Jobs introducing things. All your favorite Stevenotes are there, and you can relive everything from the launch of NeXTStep 3 to the introduction of Airport. My favorite, though, is this v...

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Toshiba builds 100GB iPod-sized Disk Drive

PC World reports that Toshiba has developed a 1.8-inch 100GB hard drive, suitable for use in portable music devices. Adding a 25% jump over current storage, the new drive is sized perfectly to fit into iPods. Production should begin next month and the drive itself will be shown at the January Consum...

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Apple II tops PC World's top 25 all-time computers

The IBM PC turned 25 last Friday, so to commemorate the history of the personal computer, PC World put together a list of the Top 25 PCs of All Time - with the Apple II (1997) topping the list at #1. It's quite an interesting list comprised of machines both old and new, with Apple computers also tak...

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The MacBook as a Windows Machine

Sure, you can blog, podcast, and use iLife on your MacBook, but you know you want to install Windows on it (don't deny it!). Harry McCracken, of PC World, takes a look at the MacBook as a Windows machine and he likes it. True, he is a Mac person at heart but the MacBook plus Boot Camp equals nirvan...

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PC World welcomes Apple to their charts

In a move that's causing many to check out their window to see if the sky is falling, PC World has laid out a welcome mat for Apple's hardware into their Top Power PCs testing charts, thanks to Boot Camp. So far, no Macs have made the charts due to some policy quirks (they typically only test stock ...

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