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Audiobooks are not backed up by iCloud, can only be downloaded once

Audiobooks, unlike your other iTunes purchases, cannot be re-downloaded from the store. On a Mac, you can dig into your iTunes folder and move the DRM-protected files to another authorized machine. iOS devices, however, lack a file system that the user can access, so if you never sync with a Ma...

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iOS code hints at over-the-air firmware updates via 3G

One of the features that must be enabled before iOS devices are truly "PC-Free" is the ability to perform firmware updates over the air (OTA) regardless of where you may be. 9to5Mac is reporting that a detailed look at the iOS 5 Beta 2 SDK produced solid evidence of OTA firmware updates using W...

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Wall Street analysts think iCloud's future has a silver lining

Apple fans and developers apparently weren't the only people who liked the iCloud announcement on Monday at WWDC. As reported by Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Wall Street analysts are almost unanimous in their positive comments about iCloud's effect on the financial future of Apple. For example...

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