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Can't save PDF files from Safari with Mountain Lion? Here's the fix

There's quite a bit of traffic on Apple's discussion boards (and others) about a problem with saving PDF files that have been viewed in Safari with Mountain Lion. Safari can view PDF files just fine, but for many people the problems start when you go to save the files or print them. The files g...

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Firefox-Mac-PDF allows in-line PDFs for Firefox

If you switched to Firefox from another browser like Safari that supports in-line PDF viewing (that's the ablity to look at a PDF in the browser instead of downloading it), then you might have been disheartened to learn that Firefox does not support this feature natively. However, you will find Fire...

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iPhone: The Missing Manual available in August, PDF bundle available now

The venerable David Pogue has worked his relentless magic yet again to conjure up yet another manual that apparently should have been in the box with iPhone: The Missing Manual (though one could certainly argue that there would have been no way to fit a typical book in the iPhone's impressively comp...

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TUAW Tip: Create smaller PDF files

PDFs created by OS X's built-in "Save as PDF..." option on the print menu have a tendency to bloat. OS X's PDFs are often a lot bigger than the ones you get from, say, Adobe Acrobat. (Not the "reader", the actual creation program.) Fortunately, the same PDF menu that allows you to print to PDF also...

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Create a PDF listing of a folder's contents

MurphyMac has posted yet another cool how-to video. This one shows how to create a PDF listing of the contents of an OS X folder. It relies on creating a sidebar printer, which you can find out how to do in this related trick. By dragging a folder to the sidebar printer and saving to PDF, you creat...

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MAKE's guide to PDF podcasts

My Make-buddy Phillip Torrone tipped us off on his recent PDF-in-iTunes guide. As you might already know, there are more and more PDFs appearing in iTunes, usually as support material for podcasts but they're starting to become a desirable product in and of themselves. Philip and his crew have put ...

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