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Tag: Panorama

Cycloramic teaches users a DIY phone hack so the app keeps working

We first covered Cycloramic in 2012 thanks to the inventive photography app's clever way of taking hands-free panoramic shots. Users simply placed the iPhone standing up on its flat edges and the app would activate the device's vibration function to spin the phone around to in a circle. You can s...

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Did you know you can change the direction of the iPhone Panorama feature?

iOS has always been about intuitiveness, but every once in a while, it assumes a little too much. That seems to be the case with the Panorama photo feature, which, at first glance, appears to only allow panoramas to be shot from left to right. If you were under this impression, it's totally unders...

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Some cool camera tricks in iOS 7's Panoramic mode

Apple originally introduced the ability to capture panoramic photos in iOS 6. In iOS 7, this feature was moved up to the big leagues, now occupying its own dedicated mode from within the Camera app. While taking panoramic shots is a great way to capture photos like wide landscapes, here are a few c...

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iPhone cameras are everywhere at one of America's best scenic spots

My last visit to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was in pre-iPhone days. My, how things have changed. I went to Bryce on a landscape shoot this week with my usual semi-pro equipment: Canon 5D, Manfrotto tripod and the usual gaggle of batteries, timers and other esoterica. I was especially inte...

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Using the iOS 6 panorama photo feature

iOS 6 surprised many iPhoneographers with the inclusion of an unexpected panorama photo feature. Panorama photography using the built-in Camera app on iOS 6 devices has quickly become one of the favorite features of Apple's newest mobile operating system. TechHive's Derrick Story has provided a...

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Panorama feature not just an iPhone 5 exclusive

As an iPhone 4S owner, I was kind of eyeing that new Panorama feature mentioned in September 12 keynote, thinking it was an iPhone 5-only innovation. Not true. Apple has confirmed the feature is part of iOS 6 and will work just fine on my 4S, as well as the fifth-generation iPod touch. That's...

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Panoramaâ„¢ for iOS is a clean and simple way to create super-wide angle photos

There are a lot of apps for creating panoramas with your favorite camera equipped iOS device, and most do the job well. There are paid apps, and others like the free Photosynth from Microsoft which stitch lots of photos together vertically, horizontally, or in a complete 360 degree views. If yo...

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360 Panorama brings sharing, simplicity to iPhone pano photos

We first looked at 360 Panorama back in July when it debuted against other panoramic photo apps, including Boinx's You Gotta See This and Debacle Software's Pano. On sale now for just US$0.99 (regular price $2.99), Occipital's panorama application has been updated to add what developer Jeff Power...

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Macworld Expo: Jim Rea talks about the early days of Mac development

When Apple first introduced the Macintosh, there weren't many authorized third-party developers around... even fewer unauthorized ones, when you think about it. One guy did manage to sneak in the back door and ship his app for the original Mac on an accelerated schedule: Jim Rea, the founder of ProV...

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Super-panoramic showdown for Mac

There are several photo-stitchers available for Mac (and several for iPhone as well), and most do a stellar job for stitching together 3-4 images into a panoramic image. However, I recently completed a project that required stitching together hundreds of images into some very large panoramas of s...

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Now even wider -- Pano 3 for iPhone

Pano, a fun iPhone app for taking panoramic photos, has been around since last fall and the developers at Debacle Software have been hard at work improving the app ever since. While the first iteration stitched together a maximum of 4 photos, the 2.0 version of the app upped the limit to 6 photos....

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One iPhone in a very large crowd

In traditional photography, the time elapsed between the shutter snap and the careful, loupe & light table examination of the captured images for some unexpected surprise or Cartier-Bresson's "decisive moment" might be days or weeks. With photographer David Bergman's massive panorama of Tuesday'...

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Pano version 2.0: even more widescreen goodness

Pano, a panorama photo app for iPhone we reviewed back in October, has been updated to version 2.0. What's in the update of the $2.99 app (click opens iTunes) from Debacle Software? The ability to make panoramas of up to 6 individual pictures (version 1.0 maxed out at 4 pics) New stitching ...

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Panorama Enterprise Server

When I saw the words Provue Development and Panorama in a press release this morning, I felt like I was suddenly transported back to the 80s. When the Mac first came out in 1984, Provue was there with the first real database manager for the Mac (OverVue). It's great to see that they're still develop...

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Hugin panorama photo maker

In a previous Ask TUAW we covered a few of the panoramic photo stitching options available for the Mac. Now another tool for doing this has come to my attention and is probably worth a look for anyone interested in making panoramic pictures from multiple photos. Hugin is a cross-platform GUI for the...

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