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Apple applies for patent on 'audio hyperlinking' system for enhanced podcasts

Patently Apple provided some insight into an Apple patent application published today by the US Patent & Trademark Office for "audio hyperlinking." These hyperlinks can be audible or inaudible, and can be played back on podcasts, TV shows or in-store speaker systems to send messages to apps on...

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Apple applies for patent on 'smart shoe' sensor

If an Apple patent application is any indication, athletic shoes may start telling us when they need replacing. In a patent filed back in July 2012, Curtis Vock and Perry Youngs are listed as the inventors of a "shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and a...

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iPad "Smarter Cover" patent application would add display, controls to cover

Like your iPad Smart Cover? You can look forward to a possible future "Smarter Cover" from Apple if the company follows up on a patent application filed about a year ago for a Smart Cover-like tablet cover with a flexible secondary display. As shown in the lovely, high-resolution color images...

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Apple patent suggests charger for multiple devices

A new patent application filed by Apple suggests the company is working on putting together a device that would charge multiple Apple products at the same time, including an iPhone or iPod and a MacBook at the same time. The patent is for a "multi-output power supply" that would hook up a charg...

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Apple patent reveals possible Find My iPhone improvements

Apple filed a patent application detailing new security features that could potentially make their way into the Find My iPhone service. These new features would greatly expand the control each user has over his or her missing iPhone and include: The ability to let users selectively protect...

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Apple testing sunlight-friendly screens

If you've ever been surprised by a black or obscured screen on your iPhone or iPad when viewing the display through polarized sunglasses, then you're going to appreciate that Apple has filed a patent application (United States Patent 7911565) for improved displays that minimize the effect. In...

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Apple patent reveals a text-to-speech and speech-to-text system for the iPhone

Apple recently filed a patent application for a text-to-speech and a speech-to-text converter designed to work in noisy environments. The patent describes a system that uses a converter included on the logic board of the phone. This hardware-based conversion would have a distinct advantage over...

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Apple rumored to be considering LCD/E Ink hybrid

Apple recently filed a patent application titled "Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display," which describes a hybrid display technology capable of dynamically switching from a standard color LCD to black and white E Ink. The display would be contr...

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Apple patent suggests MagSafe connector that supports data

Apple recently filed a patent for a product described as "Magnetic Connector with Optical Signal Path." The patent filing describes a MagSafe-style cable that would provide both data and power to a device. The power cable would connect magnetically and contain additional internal pins allowing for t...

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Apple patent would require carriers to bid for iPhone service

Apple was recently awarded a patent describing a wireless selection system that would require carriers to compete for service on an iPhone. According to the patent, the phone would store the network settings for a variety of carriers and select the appropriate service based upon information sent to...

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Apple investigates hover gestures

Apple was awarded a patent on Tuesday for a hover sensitive device that accepts input from finger movements above the device's display. The patent describes the usage of "real-world" gestures to control a device equipped with a touch or hover-sensitive display. Hand and finger movements include kno...

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Apple wins patent for solar-powered portable device

We recently covered how Apple was awarded 563 patents in 2010, but a patent approval announced today is for something we first mentioned back in January of 2010 -- a patent for power management circuitry for solar-powered portable devices. Patently Apple is reporting that the US Patent and Trademar...

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Apple awarded 563 patents in 2010, double that of 2009

Breaking onto the list of the top 50 companies with approved patents in a year for the first time ever, Apple was awarded 563 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its inventions in 2010, double the 289 approvals from 2009. AppleInsider reports that IFI Claims Patent Services has liste...

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Apple's patent for Concert Ticket+ could change your concert experience

We know that Apple has a propensity for patenting anything that moves, and most of them don't see the light of day. But Patently Apple has written, in copious detail, about a very interesting one called Concert Ticket+. I would bet money on the likelihood of this one becoming a reality. It all star...

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Apple patent filings detail methods of keeping your devices cool

Apple is a pretty innovative company, and here at TUAW we receive a lot of tips about new patents that have been filed by the company. While not all of the patents make it into products, Apple is assiduous about filing for patent protection on their intellectual property. This week featured 4 pat...

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