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Apple applies for patent on 'audio hyperlinking' system for enhanced podcasts

Patently Apple provided some insight into an Apple patent application published today by the US Patent & Trademark Office for "audio hyperlinking." These hyperlinks can be audible or inaudible, and can be played back on podcasts, TV shows or in-store speaker systems to send messages to apps on...

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Daily Update for July 5, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Apple patents flexible batteries that would fit nicely in an iWatch

For sure, Apple patents a lot of innovative technology that never sees the light of day. However, sometimes certain patents stand out due to current technology trends and stronger signs that Apple may indeed be working on a new iDevice. One such example that fits that description is a patent for a...

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Apple files patent for app access on lockscreen

Apple has filed a patent for something I would love to see implemented in a future iOS update: Quick access to certain apps directly from the iPhone's lockscreen. Patently Apple says that the patent application outlines a system of rotating the "slide to unlock" slider on iOS' lockscreen upward...

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Apple sued for LED lighting in iPad 3, MacBook Pro

Another day, another lawsuit. Patently Apple reports that LED Tech of Tyler, Texas has named Apple in a patent infringement suit, claiming that the third-generation iPad and MacBook Pro are infringing products. These products use pulse-width modulation signals to drive light-emitting diodes, ...

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Apple wins patent for "Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting"

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple another handful of patents this week, according to Patently Apple. Among this group is a patent (US 8,245,924) that describes "Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting." These techniques include ways for "hosting, accessing, subscribing, ...

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Apple wins patents for Apple TV nav, DVR features

Apple was recently granted a patent (no. 8,243,017) that describes a video device with an onscreen menu, a recording feature and a channel navigation system. Patently Apple hypothesizes that this patent describes a way the Apple TV could be used to display, record and control the playback of ca...

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Patently Apple theorizes what Safari 3D would be like

Patently Apple keeps an eye on all of the patents coming out of Cupertino, California, and they've been seeing a lot of patents for a 3D interface for Safari. This does not mean that you'll be wearing special glasses to do web browsing; instead, it describes a way in which existing Apple patent...

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Apple, Steve Jobs win patents for Shanghai Apple Store design

Apple is constantly adding patents to its portfolio of intellectual property, many of which are not directly associated with the design or operation of the consumer electronics products the company makes. Patently Apple reported today on a patent awarded to the company and late founder and CEO ...

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Apple files for iCloud trademark in Europe

All the pieces are falling into place for Apple's iCloud service. On Tuesday, Apple confirmed the name and told us all it will be introduced at WWDC; Apple's trademark application hit the European Trademark Office later that day. The trademark covers everything from telecommunications and electro...

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Apple patent reveals unused iPad design with two USB slots

In his last appearance during an earnings conference call last year, Steve Jobs hinted that Apple tested several designs for the iPad during its development stage. One of these possible designs may have reared its ugly head in a patent application recently approved by the USPTO. This patent d...

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Apple patent suggests Photo Booth for iOS

Patently Apple uncovered a new patent that describes an iOS variant of the Photo Booth app that may be under development for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The patent describes an image capture and effects system that can be triggered by external cues such as shaking your phone. A new setting...

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Apple patent offers peek at E-Wallet icon... or does it?

Patently Apple is running another of its excellent, exhaustively detailed listings of Apple's recently awarded patents. In the description of one of the awards, the site pointed out what they believe is an icon for an "E-Wallet" app, possibly pertaining to a Near Field Communications (NFC)-based el...

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Apple patents suggest iPad "kickstand," graphics pen

Apple's R&D is always hard at work coming up with various ideas for Apple products, and when they do, Apple usually lays down the paperwork for patents on them, whether they're destined for actual release or not. A few of these wacky ideas have popped up in the USPTO lately, and while they'll l...

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Voice behind antennagate song records a patent ditty

Remember that awesome antennagate song? You know, the one that was screened at the start of Apple's July 16th 2010 press conference all about the iPhone 4's antenna. Well..., Jonathon Mann, the guy who wrote and recorded it for his song-a-day project, has released another Apple-centric ditty. The...

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