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DevJuice: Sneak peek at Learning Core Data

Today, I got a sneak peek at a very early version of Tim Roadley's Learning Core Data. Expected to publish late November, this book by the Australia-based iOS developer introduces Core Data for those entirely new to the subject. Like other books in Pearson's "Learning" series, the Core Data volume ...

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Inkling makes deals for e-textbooks with key publishers

While many companies are talking about making the iPad the platform for electronic textbooks, one San Francisco startup appears to be moving boldly into making the dream a reality. Inkling has announced that it'll be receiving financial backing from two of the largest names in textbook publishin...

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Publishing different: What the tablet brings to the table

Like newspapers before them, traditional book publishers are facing the reality of the new digital world. With Apple's much anticipated tablet expected to debut within the next few months, they're under more pressure than ever before to "Think Different". Moving from print to digital isn't a smooth ...

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Dell comments on Apple's green commitment, TUAW translates from PR-speak to English

Dell executive Bob Pearson decided to comment on Apple's "green" ad campaign. It was hard to understand. We were confused. Fortunately, Robert was nice enough to translate. The original post, on Dell's site, is here. "Several Dell folks were surprised and perplexed to see Apple's new 'green' MacBook...

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Apple selling PowerSchool

Today Apple announced that London based Pearson is acquiring PowerSchool. What's PowerSchool you ask? It is a web based Student Information System that Apple acquired awhile back. Pearson will be adding new features to PowerSchool, as well as creating educational content for iPods. The oddest thing ...

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