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BitTorrent Sync lands on iOS, allows you to securely sync files between devices

Moving big files from one device to another is no easy task, especially when mobile devices are involved. BitTorrent aims to make the process of sharing large files a bit easier by bringing BitTorrent Sync to the iPhone and iPad. BitTorrent Sync uses a peer-to-peer protocol to sync your files...

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Getaround app takes car sharing peer-to-peer on the iPhone

Getaround is a brand new app launching today on the App Store that is designed to be a "peer-to-peer car rental marketplace." The idea is that it's like a Zipcar sort of service, but run peer-to-peer style, so anyone can rent their cars for just a few bucks an hour. If you need a car for a limi...

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Apple submits patent application for magnetic and sound-based peer-to-peer technology

A patent discovered by Patently Apple suggests that Apple may use a magnetic compass and supersonic tone technology to share data between your iPhone and other electronic devices. In this new peer-to-per communication system, a magnetic compass is used to monitor the magnetic signature of a com...

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