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Google's Alfred to shut down on July 19

Venture Beat reports that Google will quietly retire Alfred on July 19th. Alfred was billed as a personal assistant, similar to Siri, according to Forbes. In 2011 Google acquired Clever Sense, Alfred's developer, but it seems they let him languish. Alfred isn't the first company purchase on which...

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New iOS app Winston is your Siri personal assistant for news

Winston is a new and ambitious product from Colorado-based startup, Reactor Labs. It's a take on the Siri personal assistant idea that focuses on news instead of sending messages. At the heart of the app is Winston, a personable British butler that compiles a daily brief from your selected news...

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Intelligent personal assistant Cue adds support for iPhone calendars, iOS 6

One thing that stands out in our modern digital age is the sheer volume of information that we must process. There is so much information coming at us from our calendars, emails and social feeds that it seems like we have information everywhere -- and never where we want it to be. This informat...

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Voice Answer updated with more features for people locked out of Siri

Owners of the Apple iPad 1 and 2 won't get Siri on iOS 6 when it ships. Neither will those who use an iPhone older than the 4S. That leaves people looking for alternatives, and fortunately there are a few. I took a look at Evi some months back, and now newcomer Voice Answer, which is US$3.99 in...

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Voice Brief for iPhone is updated with some welcome new features

I first reviewed Voice Brief in March. The app uses a synthesized voice to read your email, Twitter feed, Facebook, the current weather, stock prices you follow and some RSS feeds that you choose. I liked the app and said it had great potential but needed some updated features. Today it has som...

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